Wednesday, January 03, 2007

OneAlert: Easy reminder calendar


OneAlert is a lightweight and powerful reminder system with a simple calendar. It comes from the same people who make “MyLife Organized” which i recently reviewed. This is one of those really simple programs that’s also really powerful and useful. You simple type in a reminder and time to be reminded.

There are different alerts can be set for a reminder (like play a sound, run application or send e-mail). You can also set reoccurring reminders, for example, the same day and time each week.

You can mark an individual day or number of days with specific color. OneAlert can help you to count the number of selected days and show how many days left to your vacation.

Here is the fast three-step scenario of adding new reminder to OneAlert:

  1. While working in any application press OneAlert hotkey (Win+Down by default)
  2. Type in OneAlert parsing console: “Call Katrin in 15 min” and press Ctrl+Enter
  3. Press OneAlert hotkey again to return to application you worked with.

If you want to customize your reminder then just press Enter instead of Ctrl+Enter in step 2 and add additional parameters for your reminder (note, recurrence, different alert actions like send e-mail or run an application).

You can download this program free, with a reminder limit of a 10 a day (not bad really) or unlimited reminders if you have already bought “mylife Organized”.

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