Monday, March 31, 2008

Testing Interview Questions to share

Hi Lab Folks,

I would like to ask few questions, that are kinda mandatory for interview(Experienced candidates):

  1. What is the Difference between Project and Product testing? What
    difference you have observed while testing the Clint/Server application
    and web server application
  2. What are the differences between interface and integration testing?
    Are system specification and functional specification the same? What
    are the differences between system and functional testing?
  3. What is Multi Unit testing?
  4. What are the different types, methodologies, approaches, methods in software testing
  5. What is the difference between test techniques and test methodology?
If any one of you knows answer for the same, Then make comments for the same, Else. I will post them in the next forums.

For more questions, Click here...


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What is difference between WinRunner and QTP?

Hi Lab Folks,
Cool information about WinRunner and QTP to share with you all.....

1.Winrunner uses TSL language where as QTP uses VB script & Java script

2.Winrunner doesn’t supports the OOPS concept where QTP supports the OOPS concept

3. Winrunner doesn’t supports to multimedia. QTP supports to multimedia , media player , photo shop. (6.5 version ).

4. Winrunner doesn’t supports to XML. QTP supports to XML

5. Winrunner doesn’t supports to .NET. QTP supports to .NET.

6. Winrunner supports only Interpreter ( Line by line execution ). QTP is compiler.

7. In Winrunner GUI spy is used to check the properties of object / window. In QTP,the name is Object spy

8. Winrunner: GUI Map editor is used to store the physical descriptions. QTP: Object Repository is used to store the physical descriptions of the objects

9. Winrunner has 3 modes of recoding :analog and context sensitive recording modes. QTP has only one recording mode i.e Standard recording mode. In this recording 2 types are (1) Analog (2) Low level

10. Winrunner has 4 types of checkpoints [ GUI checkpoint, Bitmap checkpoint, Database checkpoint, Text checkpoint ]. QTP has
9 types of checkpoints [ Standard check point, Bitmap checkpoint,
Database checkpoint, Text/Text area checkpoint, Image checkpoint, Table
checkpoint, Page checkpoint, Accessibility checkpoint, XML checkpoint ]

11. Winrunner: In GUI check point has 3 types
1. single object / single property
2. single object / multiple property
3. multiple object / multiple property
QTP has only One type i.e Single object / Multiple Property

12. Winrunner: In Bitmap checkpoint 2 types
1. for Object / Window
2. for Screen Area
QTP has only One i.e for Object / Window Bitmap using this above checkpoint we can check also Screen area

13. Winrunner: In Database check point there are 3 types
1. Default 2. Custom 3. Runtime
Here in QTP only One Type i.e Custom database checkpoint

14. 9 types of verifications in WR
1. Case Sensitive
2. Case Insensitive
3. Numeric Range
4. Numeric Content
5. Case Sensitive Ignore Space
6. Case Insensitive Ignore Space
7. Exact one match record
8. One or more match record
9. No match record

3 types of verifications in QTP
1. Numeric Range
2. Numeric Content
3. String Content

15. 3 types of Synchronizations in WR
1. for Object / Window Property
2. for Object / Window Bitmap
3. for Screen Area Bitmap
In QTP only One type i.e Object / Window Property

16. WR: Has 3 types of running modes i.e 1.Verify 2. Debug 3. Update. QTP has 2 types of running modes
i.e 1. Standard 2. Update

17. Exception Handling method used to avoid the runtime errors in WR 3 types [ 1. Popup 2. TSL 3. Object ] .In QTP name
is Recovery Scenario and here 4 types of exceptions [ 1. Pop-up Window
2. Object state 3. Test run error 4. Application Crash ]

18. In WR 4
types of result window [ 1. Test result window 2. GUI checkpoint window
3. DB checkpoint window 4. DB record checkpoint window ]. Here in QTP only One Window i.e Test Summary Result Window

19. In WR Test script is divided into 2 parts [ 1. Main Script 2. Compile Module ]. No such types using WR we can execute functions in QTP

20. Add-ins in WR are: 1. ActiveX 2. Power Builder 3. Visual Basic 4. Web 5. Java 6. C 7. C++ , etc Add-ins in QTP are: 1. ActiveX 2. Visual Basic 3. Java 4. Web 5. Multi-media ( 6.5 version )

21. In WR only One View i.e Normal Mode. Here in QTP 2 Views 1. Expert View 2. Keyword View

22.WR: Only One Sheet in data Table if we want to add another sheet then another new data table to be opened. In QTP 2 sheets in Data Table 1. Global 2. Action. In action sheet we can add number of sheets

23. WR: Virtual Object wizard only One type. QTP : 2 types of Virtual Object Wizards [ 1. Virtual Object 2. Virtual Object Manager ]

24. WR: Here after checking the checkpoints it gives mismatch error ( no snap Shots ). QTP: Checks the checkpoint but will not give mismatch error . If test is fail it shows snap shot

25. WR: support Rapid script wizard. QTP: no rapid script wizard

26. Function generator is present in WR. QTP: No Function Generator

27. WR: 2 types of GUI map editor [ 1. Global 2 Per test ]. QTP: only one type i.e Global

28. WR: Only One window I’e Form Window You want to open data table we have to call the function to open data table.
QTP : five types of Window [ 1. Tree View or Keyword view 2. Expert View 3. Data Table 4. Active Screen 5. Debug Viewer ]

29. WR: Running methods [ 1. Step, 2. Step into, 3. Step out ]. QTP : Running Methods [ 1. Step into 2. Step over 3. Step out ]

30. WR: Data type declaration is not necessary. QTP: data type declaration is must


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What is Manual testing

Hi Lab Folks,

Manual testing is the oldest
and most rigorous type of
. Manual testing
requires a tester to perform manual test operations on the test software
without the help of
. Manual testing
is a laborious activity that requires the tester to possess a certain set
of qualities; to be patient, observant, speculative, creative, innovative,
open-minded, resourceful, unopinionated, and skillful.

As a tester, it is always advisable
to use manual
box testing
and black-box
techniques on
the test software. Manual testing helps discover and record any
or discrepancies
related to the functionality of the product.

Manual testing can be replaced by
. It is possible
to record and playback manual steps and write automated
(s) using Test
automation tools. Although, test automation tools will only help execute
test scripts written primarily for executing a particular
and functionality. Test automation tools lack the ability of decision-making
and recording any unscripted discrepancies during program execution. It
is recommended that one should perform manual testing of the entire product
at least a couple of times before actually deciding to automate the more
mundane activities of the product.

Despite the proliferation of automated
solutions, manual testing still accounts for at least 80% of all testing.
Automation can only be justified where repeatable consistent tests can
be run over a stable environment. When this isn't the case (i.e. during
the early stages of the test cycle), then testing teams almost always revert
back to manual testing. So manual testing is here to stay! Here are some
reasons why...

Business critical / Heavily tested
software: With constantly changing applications, automation can simply
be too daunting. New to testing: Those that are new to testing may not
want to dive right in to complex automation tools. Using a tool such as
]] can provide an easy and cost effective way to gain real advantages in
a short space of time and use it as a springboard to full automation. Script
based automation tools not living up to their hype: Many people still find
that despite investing in script based automation solutions this only covers
10-20% of their total testing. The rest is still carried out manually.
Full Automation simply not appropriate: You may be testing new functionality,
or a new platforms/OS. Or there maybe insufficient time and/or skills to
develop test scripts. Agile Development: With Agile development techniques,
there is no place for traditional automation tools because they take too
long to set up and need to be re-scripted after the first change to the

Manual testing helps discover defects
related to the
and GUI
area. While performing
manual tests the software application can be validated whether it meets
the various standards defined for effective and efficient usage and accessibility.
For example, the standard location of the OK
on a screen is on the left and of CANCEL button on the right. During manual
testing you might discover that on some screen, it is not. This is a new
defect related to the usability of the screen. In addition, there could
be many cases where the
is not displayed correctly and the basic functionality of the program is
correct. Such bugs are not detectable using test automation tools.

Repetitive manual testing can be
difficult to perform on large software applications or applications having
very large dataset coverage. This drawback is compensated for by using
manual black-box testing techniques including
and boundary
value analysis
. Using
which, the vast dataset specifications can be divided and converted into
a more manageable and achievable set of

A manual tester would typically
perform the following steps for manual testing:

1. Understand
the functionality of program

2. Prepare
a test environment

3. Execute
(s) manually

4. Verify
the actual result

5. Record
the result as Pass or Fail

6. Make
a summary report of the Pass and Fail test cases

7. Publish
the report

8. Record
any new defects uncovered during the test case execution

There is no complete substitute
for manual testing. Manual testing is crucial for testing software applications
more thoroughly. Test automation has become a necessity mainly due to shorter
deadlines for performing test activities, such as
, performance
, and load


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

VB Script for QTP

Hi All,
I have another site with loads of information about basic VB scripts and also how we have to use them in QTP. I found it when i was looking to learn more about VB script, as i am also a beginner in it. This stuff is really good, they come with two options one is the basic and the other for advanced on VB scripts. It might be useful do all the LAB folks. You can find the same from, when you click here...


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Software Testing Life Cycle

The Lab had a comment about adding few more links referring to Testing. It also had superb link about the software testing information on it. I would like to share the same to all of you, as usual. Please find the link given below:

Also, it has more information about the functionality testing,definition in testing and information Online software tesing software.

Thank you

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Software Testing Information

Hi All,
I would like to share a cool site which would provide more information about software testing. This has a clear picture about the basics of software testing. Also, i would suggest the newbies who are looking for this field to learn the manual part of the testing. This would be really very interesting and the concepts are really easy to learn and easy to remember. To know more about the basics of software testing from this superb web site. The site really stands for its name, the URL is given below:


Hi Lab Folks

I am back with some updates, all these days. I was busy learning new concepts about Software Testing. I have been in this field for about 2years now and i planned to tweak myself to this field. So i had to look into someone who can help me in learning this concepts. So i did a short time course on the same. Now i am ready to go for finding new job openings..So from now on the lab will see a lot of concepts about Manual testing. Alot of documents about the software testing.


Friday, March 07, 2008

LAB will Talk about Software Testing

Hi All,
I have started to shape up my career in new dimension say Software Testing. I have been doing a bit of manual testing, now i am moving into the next level of testing(Software Automation). So soon lab would see a lot of posting about software testing and concepts.I felt this would help me to learn and also to get information from folks about software testing. If any one is really interested, i am making an offer. People can contact me at and i will be there to discuss a lot about software testing.


Hi All,
I read this cool article by Jon Bishop.
He has given a clear picture on how to create a cool and successful widget, He has given them in easy 9 steps.Widgets have only recently caught the attention of forward-thinking marketers. Here is a list of best practices for widget campaigns for helping outline a successful campaign. To know more about the same, Click here...


Sony's launching mylo labs to keep your COM-2 in the widgets


Hi All,
This is another cool on from SONY, the widgets are back too. If you've already dropped $299 on a second-gen mylo COM-2 unit, then Sony has a little treat for you -- while all of you early adopters still poking around on an original mylo probably feel pretty silly right now. Sony is launching the "mylo labs" site for nabbing mylo widgets, and while right now there are just a few Sony-built widgets, Sony will open up the site to developers in March to add their own. Widgets seem to be a natural fit for a device like this. Click here, to know more...


Linkbucks ....


Hi All,
I had a chance of going through this site, when i happened to click on a blog. This guy had used this link and he is making money from it. I thought of adding it to the LAB but i was not able to complete the task, May be folks you could try this out and let me know whether you are on the target. Please find a brief information about the LINKBUCKS...Click here...


Windows Live SkyDrive


Hi All,
I am back after a long gap. The one that i started using, has really amazed me so much. I think Microsoft, are still proving to be Leaders. Yes ofcourse, indeed they are, you would also say this after you start using this

Windows Live SkyDrive

To know more about this cool one, Click here...