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I was a CSR(Customer Support representative) few years back. I had a lot of funny events that happened when i was on call and when i was supporting one of the leading Desktop and Laptop products company. Have been struggling with people, to make them understand very simple things. Few months down the lane, i was promoted as senior support engineer. Where i handled a small team of support engineers. I had a guy in my team, who was trying to explain the customer about restarting the computer. He tried many ways to point out the reset button, which is at the front of the big box near to the monitor(that is how, we call the cpu. So that customers understand). In the process of explaining it to the customer, accidently our support guy restarted his own CPU.

There are few other funny things that has happened when providing support. Here are few simliar things that are listed in this site.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Google video download


Many of us are really eager to download the movies/clips that we see in the Google videos.

Atlast.....we got some solution to download the clips from the google videos.

A lot of Web sites are providing scripts to download the videos. But, most of us do not go with that and we need some easier ways to get the videos.

Let me not keep you reading.....take a quick look at the below things and start downloading the clips.

Copy the link of the video you like to download and paste it in the text box that is provided in the below link and click on "Download Video".

This will start getting the exact link from the google and provide us the direct link to download the video in ".avi" format. After clicking on the download video button it takes some time to get the exact link and it provides the link, which needs to be viewed by scrolling the page.

Here is the link:

Sometimes, if the video file is located in different server or if there is heavy traffic, we might not get the link to download the video file.

Ways to safe Guard JPG,digital


Here is new deal of software, that helps you to safe guard your secret photos. All you have to do is just download it and then follow the small instruction to install it. For brief idea about this product, Please click here


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Components for wired/wireless network


networking two or more computers should not be confused with the Dial-Up networking that is used to make a dial-up modem connect to the Internet or send faxes, etc. For this, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me (collectively called Windows 9x in this article), and Windows XP systems use a software Dial-Up Adapter that is installed under Network adapters in the Device Manager. If you install a hardware network interface card (NIC) it will also be listed there as a device.

You can enable a setting under Networks/Network Connections in the Control Panel that places an icon for the Dial-Up Adapter (Windows 9x) or the 1394 Net Adapter/1394 Connection (Windows XP/SP2) in the System Tray/Notification Area. If you hold the mouse over the icon, the connection details appear. If you right-click on the icon, you are presented with several options, which depend on the version of Windows being used.

Permanently stored within every network interface card (NIC) or wireless network adapter is a unique 48-bit binary number called the MAC (Media Access Control) Address. And it is by this MAC address that each NIC or adapter card is identified within a local area network (LAN). Indeed, it was because each NIC's MAC address uniquely identifies it in the log files of Internet servers that the writer of the infamous "I love you" virus was traced and brought to justice.

To find out what the MAC address is for a network card or adapter in Windows 98 or Windows Me, enter winipcfg in the Start => Run box. The MAC address is listed as the Adapter Address in the window that presents itself. In Windows XP, enter cmd in the Start => Run box and then enter ipconfig /all at the command prompt. The MAC address is listed as its Physical Address. You may need to know the MAC address in order to set up a wireless network that shares an Internet connection.

See this page of the Build Your Own PC article for information on Windows Dial-Up networking, and how to install and configure a 33.6K or 56K dial-up modem.

networking two or more home computers is nowhere nearly as difficult as it used to be before the advent of Windows 95 in 1995 - even if it is a wireless network. In fact, it is now a relatively simple procedure to set up a peer-to-peer (wired or wireless) home network.

The alternative is to create a server-based network that uses one computer as the server, the resources of which are used to serve client computers. The client computers do not have to have any software other than the client network operating system installed on them. They take everything they need to use from the server over the network. But you do not need a server-based network to play network games, or use Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing. This is just as well, because server and client networking requires the use of the expensive Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro, the very much cheaper open-source Linux, and other server-client operating systems.

The Windows 9x versions of Windows (95/98/Me) provide you with all of the software required to set up a peer-to-peer (P2P) network of 2 to 10 computers that allows file, printer, and Internet access sharing between all of the computers connected to the network.

You can purchase third-party alternatives, but Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is the free software that was introduced with Windows 98 Second Edition, so, unless your make use of third-party software, you will have to have that version of Windows (or a more recent version) running on the computer with the modem that is connected to the Internet so that it can use its ICS software to share an Internet connection with the other Windows 9x computers on the network.

All of the computers running Windows 9x must be individually configured as ICS clients. However, with Windows XP, you can use the Network Setup Wizard to enable ICS on a single computer (running Windows XP), which has an option to create a Network Setup Disk that can then be used to enable it on the other Windows XP computers on the network.

The best solution to sharing an Internet connection over a network is to use a separate hardware router, often known as a "gateway", that links the computers together and connects to a broadband ADSL or cable modem, which, in turn, is constantly connected to the Internet Service Provider... There is more information on routers later on in this article.

Here is what Microsoft says about ICS in the Windows 98 SE Help files.

"Windows 98 now provides users the ability to share one Internet connection with multiple computers on your home network. One computer, the Connection Sharing computer, communicates with the Internet. Requests from other computers on your home network are routed to the Internet through the Connection Sharing computer. You can also configure Internet Connection Sharing to allow users on the Internet to reach Web, e-mail, and game servers that are on your home network."

Instructions on how to set up and use ICS are also provided in the Help files. It is a relatively straightforward process.

I will provide the basic information about home networking here, but, since there are numerous sites that provide excellent illustrated tutorials on how to install and configure a home network or Local Area Network (LAN), I will provide the links to some of those site at the end of this article instead of attempting to provide that kind of information myself.

By the way, a Wide Area Network (WAN) is the kind of network that libraries, the Government, the banks, and other businesses use to link their computers over a wide area, such as over the whole country, or internationally. The Internet itself is a giant WAN that spans the world.

To know more:

Difference between router,switch and hub


A router is a more sophisticated network device than either a switch or a hub. Like hubs and switches, network routers are typically small, box-like pieces of equipment that multiple computers can connect to. Each features a number of "ports" the front or back that provide the connection points for these computers, a connection for electric power, and a number of LED lights to display device status. While routers, hubs and switches all share similiar physical appearance, routers differ substantially in their inner workings.

A switch is a small hardware device that joins multiple computers together within one local area network (LAN). Technically, network switches operate at layer two (Data Link Layer) of the OSI model. Network switches appear nearly identical to network hubs, but a switch generally contains more "intelligence" (and a slightly higher price tag) than a hub. Unlike hubs, network switches are capable of inspecting data packets as they are received, determining the source and destination device of that packet, and forwarding it appropriately. By delivering each message only to the connected device it was intended for, a network switch conserves network bandwidth and offers generally better performance than a hub.

A Hubis a small, simple, inexpensive network device that joins multiple computers together.

Most hubs manufactured today support the Ethernet standard. Non-Ethernet hubs (Token Ring, for example) also exist, but Ethernet is always used in home networking. Technically speaking, hubs operate as Layer 2 devices in the OSI model.

To join a group of computers with an Ethernet hub, one connects an Ethernet cable (that has an RJ-45 connector attached) into the hub, then connect the other end of the cable each computer's network interface card (NIC). Hubs also require external power and can be connected to other hubs, switches, or routers.

One good way to differentiate between Ethernet hubs is by the speed (data rate) they support.

To know more:


Basics about wireless network


This blog is to brief about creating a simple wireless network:

The Evolution of 802.11 wireless Technology
1997 - 802.11 - 2 MBps
1999 - 802.11a - 54 Mbps in regulated 5 GHz range. Pro: Fast access. Con: Limited range
1999- 802.11b - 11Mbps in 2.4 GHz range
2002 - 802.11g - 54 Mbps in 2.4Ghz range and is backwards compatible with 802.11b, meaning that 802.11g access points will work with 802.11b wireless network adapters and vice versa. Pro: Faster access and backwards compatibility. Con: Higher cost than 802.11b.

Why Connect?

In 1997, when the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) created the first WLAN standard they called it 802.11. Because it could only support a maximum bandwidth of 2Mbps - far too slow for most of today's applications - ordinary 802.11 wireless products are no longer being manufactured. The next wireless incarnation was 802.11b, which supports bandwidths of up to 11Mbps, followed by the creation of 802.11g, which supports bandwidth up to 54 Mbps and signals in a regulated 5 GHz range. While 802.11g is the fastest wireless technology, is it the best for your home or business? Here is a brief synopsis of the three primary 802.11 standards:
  1. 1. 802.11b - This technology supports bandwidth up to 11MBps, which is comparable to the speeds of traditional Ethernets. 802.11b uses the same 2.4GHz radio signaling as the original 802.11 standard. Because it is an unregulated frequency, 802.11b devices run the risk of incurring interference from appliances that use the same 2.4 GHz range, such as microwaves and cordless phones. However, if you install 802.11b devices out of range of other appliances, you can avoid the interference. Some manufacturers prefer using unregulated frequencies, such as 802.11b to lower their production costs. On the negative side, 802.11b is relatively slow and supports fewer simultaneous users.
  2. 802.11a - IEEE created 802.11a at the same time it made 802.11b. 802.11a supports bandwidth up to 54 Mbps and signals in a regulated 5 GHz range. This higher frequency limits the range of 802.11a in comparison to 802.11b, and due to its higher cost it's used primarily in the business sector rather than in homes. 802.11a's higher frequency also causes its signals to have difficulty penetrating walls and other obstructions. Because they utilize different frequencies, 802.11a and 802.11b devices are incompatible with each other.
  3. 802.11g - This technology supports of up to 54 Mbps, uses the 2.4 GHz frequency and is backwards compatible with 802.11b devices. 802.11g supports more simultaneous users, offers the best signal range and is not easily obstructed. The disadvantages of 802.11g is higher cost and possible interference with appliances on the unregulated signal frequency.

    Refer :

Is your DSL good


A general rule of thumb for determining whether or not you have a good broadband connection is whether or not you are getting at least 80% of the maximum possible speed you could. There is a built in 'loss' due to overhead information that must be transmitted and a few other factors that immediately eat up about 13% of your bandwidth (speed). That means that the absolute best in a perfect setup would be 87% of your theoretical maximum. With other factors thrown in, the 80% rule of thumb was developed. Now, how to apply it.

As one example, lets assume you have a 1.5/256 DSL connection. This means that the best you can ever do is to get 1500kbps (kilobits per second) as a download speed and 256kpbs upload. But at least 13% of that is going away for the overhead. 80% of 1500 is 1200kbps, and 80% of 256 is 204.8kbps. So if you have a 1.5/256 line and are getting speds of 1200/204 or better, then you have a 'good' connection.

If you are getting less than these numbers, the DSLR Tweaks forum is a good place to go to start optimizing the portion of the system that can help with these numbers.

A few things to keep in mind: 1) You can only 'tweak' to improve your download speed and hopefully your upload speed will rise along with it; 2) It is hard to apply the 80% rule to an uncapped Cable connection where no upper limit for speed is stated; 3) no 'tweaks' are available to improve Ping (latency) times - that is a separate issue.

C language in finger tips


C is generally acknowledged as one of the best programming languages
available. It has a rather long story, and has been used for building a lot of the "BIG" programs in existence. Experienced C-programmers might not be able to find much of value in this textfile, but programmers experienced in other programming languages (like QBASIC or Pascal) might find this text useful for upgrading to C. To know about simple queries about C,

you have good site reference here


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Listening and talking


You may be surprised to learn that you can even communicate with your baby in your womb by talking or playing music.

To know more, go here


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Escape from ATM robbers


Here is the way to escape from a robber, when you are at ATM......

If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM Machine, you can notify the police by entering your Pin # in reverse.

For example if your pin number is 1234 then you would put in 4321. The ATM recognizes that your pin number is backwards from the ATM card you placed in the machine.

The machine will still give you the money you requested, but unknown to the robber, the police will be immediately dispatched to help you. This information was recently broadcasted on TV and it states that it is seldom used because people don't know it exists.

This was forward.....


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Latest SPYWARE : Project1



This is a spyware, that is present in the computer. You can remove it, using this steps:

Go to My Computer >Tools >Folder Options >View tab and make sure that Show hidden files and folders is enabled. Also make sure that the System Files and Folders are showing / visible. Uncheck the Hide protected operating system files option.

[Remember to reverse this and re-hide these files & folders when your computer is fixed]


Download CleanUp! here….. .......

*WARNING* Cleanup deletes EVERYTHING out of temp/temporary folders and does not make backups.

Run CleanUp! and click on CleanUp! button. When it asks you if you want to logoff, click on Yes.


Reboot your system in Safe Mode by repeatedly tapping the F8 key until the menu appears (or the F5 key if F8 doesn't get to the safe menu).


Go into Hijack This->Config->Misc. Tools->Open process manager. Select the following and click “Kill process” for each one (You must kill them one at a time):






Click > Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs and uninstall the following programs

[NB >> Comcast (the cable folks who are replacing @home in some parts of the USA) have struck a deal with Tioga to provide an "enhanced" support and self-repairing tool. This is "beta" at present and was made available to download by mistake at present. Remove.]


Open HijackThis and click on Scan. Check the following entries IF present (make sure you do not miss any):

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,SearchAssistant =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Window Title = Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Comcast
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [ComcastSUPPORT] C:\Program Files\\bin\tgkill.exe /cleaneahtioga /start
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [defender] C:\\dfndrdd_6.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [newname] C:\\nwnmdd_6.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [keyboard] C:\\kybrddd_6.exe
O9 - Extra button: Help - {45543056-5B65-47B5-AC8B-26513ACCAE8A} - (file missing) (HKCU)
O9 - Extra button: ComcastHSI - {BB024CF6-667D-49E8-899C-EAD756B24A2A} - (file missing) (HKCU)
O9 - Extra button: Support - {F19458E2-29DA-4356-9903-125538C6C21D} - (file missing) (HKCU)
O16 - DPF: {1C78AB3F-A857-482E-80C0-3A1E5238A565} - ms-its:mhtml:file://C:\ss.MHT!

Please remember to close all other windows, including browsers, before clicking “Fix checked”.


Delete the following Files and Folders indicated in bold IF they still exist:

C:\Program Files\

If you get an error when deleting a file right click on the file and click once on properties.

Then check to see if the Read Only attribute is checked/ticked. If it is uncheck/untick it and try deleting the file again.


Reboot to normal mode.


Go here .....

To remove spyware and to get latest updates on them:

Work through all the steps carefully repeating previous scans etc. if necessary.
This will fix this issue.


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WEB inventor


We are happy to browse things and get them handy in a single click. Have we ever thanked this man for inventing web?
Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau in 1990. To know more click here

Firewall in ZONE LABS


Zone Labs has released new versions of its popular personal firewall products ZoneAlarm Pro 4 and ZoneAlarm Plus, both featuring new components to identify hackers, block e-mail worms, and fine-tune firewall rules.Click here for details



These days security on the internet has become a major issue. People are scared to provide their secret information on their own systems, In order help people ZONE ALARM has made things easier to know more about ZONE ALARM click here

To download ZONE ALARM

Software Patch's


Any queries regarding upgrade of patch for your system you have ready and reliable downloads, Please click here to get them.

Any patch's


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To Uninstall IE 7 and any queries regarding IE 7 like:

1. Will my favorites remain the same?

2. Phishing Filter and why should I turn it on?

Please click here,
To Learn more about IE 7.


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LINUX commands handy


To learn LINUX with a list few important commands. You can learn it, easily. Just a click here

To Hack Linksys Wireless


Found something useful to share, if you feel like making fun of your friend by hacking his SOHO wireless network that is secured. Seems this is interesting, refer this link to learn more:


Basic About Computers


To know more about computers and basics of it:

Learn to earn......


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Benchmark your PC


Whenever you feel, your system is slow. You have great choice of finding whether system meets the requirements of the softwares and application that runs on your PC, you can verify it from this link:

Download the file from the link and use it.(TEST your PC)


Uninstalling GOOGLE Earth


TO uninstall GOOGLE EARTH:
You can follow the basic steps to uninstall it:
1. Click on "Start" > "Settings" > "Control Panel."
2. Double-click on "Add or Remove Programs."
3. Scroll down to find "Google Earth," then click on it.
4. Click on "Remove," then "Yes," then "Finish."

If the above mentioned doesnot work, Please refer this link given below:




The option of ADD/REMOVE in Linux(fedora for example)

Basic package installation and removal isn't all that complex. Please refer the following link:


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To have a clear idea about VISTA VS XP in brief read this link:



To upload huge file


To upload a huge file, you can use this site to do it for you.

Please consider this before you use it:
1. you can upload: up to 100 MB in size

2. This will remain in the server for 7days.

3. Will Allow you to retrive files for 20 - 25times(though it is within 7 days time)

You can upload file from here:


Codec for Media Player

I found something useful to view all file extensions(at the max) using this XP MEDIA codec:
you can download it from this link


Thursday, November 30, 2006

INDIA Chances of world cup 2006

If we need to make an impact in the world cup team, we can try these options:

1. Bribe the other teams and get their best players to play for TEAM INDIA(MEN IN BLUE)

A, Ponting
B, Kallis
C, Murali
D, Sankkara
E, Nitini
F, Shane Bond
G, Daniel vettori
H, Gillie
I, Pollock
J, Damien Martyn
k, Afridi

If this is TEAM INDIA we will win the world cup.

2. Call Bin Laden for support:
A conference with players of all cricket playing nations(IN WORLD CUP) black mail them, saying we will blast your country if you bowl or bat well against the current TEAM( I am not ready to say this team to be TEAM INDIA).

3. Sending Players for a trip:
Collect all this fine players and send them for a free family trip till WORLD CUP is over
A, Ponting
B, Kallis
C, Murali
D, Sankkara
E, Nitini
F, Shane Bond
G, Daniel vettori
H, Gillie
I, Pollock
J, Damien Martyn
k, Afridi

May be we can try changing the coach????

You can add few more...... To help team India to get the 2006 WORLD CUP.

Rahul Dravid vs Sourav Ganguly

Read this link folks and find what Team India is missing: .htm

can't win anything with kids

Finally BCCI has fallen to him, hurray .....

They have requested him to be there to help TEAM INDIA... go-to-south-africa/21996-13.html


Happy to see google has identified TAMIL and interesting fact is that the word TAMIL is googlised 30% from USA. Even this link shows clipings of "IMSAI ARSAN 23rd PULIKEZHI"

Check this out: 678535244

Hope Bharathi is watching this from Heaven......

Monday, November 06, 2006


Funny auto-out-of-office replies - Ctrl C & ctrl V from a mail that came to me....

# I am currently out at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail to get the position. Be prepared for my mood.
# You are receiving this automatic notification because I am out of the office. If I was in, chances are you wouldn't have received anything at all.
# I will be unable to delete all the unread, worthless emails you send me until I return from holiday on 4 April. Please be patient and your mail will be deleted in the order it was received.
# Thank you for your email. Your credit card has been charged $5.99 for the first ten words and $1.99 for each additional word in your message.
# The e-mail server is unable to verify your server connection and is unable to deliver this message. Please restart your computer and try sending again. (The beauty of this is that when you return, you can see how many in-duh-viduals did this over and over).

13 Scariest Things in IT,1206,pg=0&s=700&a =192471,00.asp

Child Labour

Can this be stopped... Look, how even the law cannot stop this painful thing.

At the age of 12(Lets consider this to be a minimum age) a guy starts working for a family. (Even in our canteen, we have small guy who is working for food)This is really very sad.
While blogging about this, I would like to share a real life event that happend. It was 3 years back, when i was staying in a mansion at Triplicane. Near to the mansion there was a Andhra mess, where 3 small kids where working. Their age would be:
1. 10
2. 12 and 15.
The youngest among them was just 10yrs old. These guys will not have proper sleep bcose they have to work the whole day. One among the elder guy, used to carry food to our room and will narrate us the whole sad story that happens in the Mess(All those inhuman activities, like providing limited food and not allowing them to sleep, not providing proper dress) The sad part is, they willnot be allowed to sleep beyond 4-5hrs, as they have to clean the vessels and then get things ready for the next day. This young kid(age 10) will fall asleep, before he cleans the table. He will get a bang from the owner, for sleeping. He would start crying, we ppl would fight with the owner and ask him not to hit him. One fine day, an govt official came to the hotel and threatened the mess owner that he is going to take action as he has employed young kids. The owner took him inside the room gave some money and food to the officer and brought things back to normal.
A week later the elder guy, came to my room and wept. He told that the owner has cheated his parents and brought him here. As their parents where depending on him for money he had to come here for work. ( with a salary of 900RS per month, for which they would sleep 4-5hrs a day. We should thank god, as we are blessed for not being in that kind of position). We helped that guy to escape from that mess and guided him to his native by boarding him on a train to Andhra.


Strange happenings are always surprise to us. The same way, there is a strange thing that has happened. Please read this document: s/news.html?in_article_id=338009&in_page_id=1770

India must get ALL their Heroes back

Thought of blogging about the performance of the Indian Team. The team that dreamed about World Cup last year this time is now struggling to win matches. Are we tamed to Aussies? Can we overcome them(Is it a dream to us?) If we go in this pace, even Namibia can defeat us. There will be no fan, ready to say Hoo Haa India. Instead it would be booooooooooooo India(just like blowing Horn after death). Check this link, which gives us about the majoe things that we miss: current/story/266280.html

Coke and Mentos

Please check this Video, what will happen if this is going to be inside the stomach:(unimaginable) 2177922792

Ganguly and Tendulkar

Sachin and Sourav when 85 years old

Sachin and Ganguly, 75 and 80 years old are sitting on a park bench feeding
pigeons and talking
about cricket, like they do every day Sachin turns to Sourav and says, "Do
you think there's cricket
in heaven?"

Ganguly thinks about it for a minute and replies, "I dunno. But let's make
a deal if I die first, I'll
come back and tell you if there's cricket in heaven, and if you die first,
you do the same"
They shake on it and sadly a few months later, poor Sachin passes away.
One day Ganguly is sitting there feeding the pigeons when he hears a voice
whisper, "Sourav,
Ganguly responds, "Sachin! Is that you?"

"Yes whispers Sachin's ghost.

Ganguly asks, "So, is there cricket in heaven?" "Well" says Sachin, "I've
got good news and bad
news" "Gimme the good news first" says Ganguly.

Sachin says, "Well there is cricket in heaven" Ganguly says, "That's
great! What news could be
bad enough to ruin that!?"

Sachin sighs and whispers, "You and me, We are going to open the innings on

Monday, August 14, 2006

Tech tips

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

If you want to integrate the Service Packs with the Operating System, here are a few steps to do that in a easy way :

Minimum requirements:

1. XP bootable CD.

2. Service Pack CD.

3. Free space in C: to copy two CD contents (1.5 Gb approx).

4. CD/DVD writer.

5. IsoBuster software. Which can be downloaded from the following Web site :

Primary steps before starting with the integration :

1. Create a folder with the name "XP" in C:.

2. Create another folder with the name "SP" (Service Pack).

Starting with the process :

1. Copy the entire Operating System CD contents of the XP folder that is created in C:.

2. Copy the "XPSP2.exe" in the "SP" folder that is created in C:.

3. Open the command prompt by clicking on Start -> Run and type command.

4. Check whether the command prompt shows c:\documents and settings\yourname.

5. Now, type the following commands to extract the service pack file:

cd \ (press Enter/Return key)

cd sp (press Enter/Return key)

xpsp2.exe -x:c:\sp (press Enter/Return key)

Note: This will take a few minutes to extract all the service pack files into the specified folder.
After that you'll get a prompt saying "! Extraction Complete". Say Ok in that window.

6. After extraction, follow these steps to integrate the service pack with the operating system files that you have copied and pasted in C:\XP folder:

cd i386 (press Enter/Return key)

cd update (press Enter/Return key)

update -s:c:\xp (press Enter/Return key)

Note: After this you'll see a window that will start to update the window share, which is nothing but your C:\XP folder. After the updating is complete you'll get another window with "Integrated install has completed successfully" message. Say Ok in this window.

Now, the XP is integrated with the Service Pack and ready to burn in a new CD.

Extracting "img" file from the XP CD :

1. Install the IsoBuster software.

2. Insert the XP bootable CD in the drive.

3. Close the installation screen and open the IsoBuster software.

4. In that it wil automatically select the drive and will show the content.

5. Select the "Bootable CD" from the left pane.

6. Right-click on the "Microsoft Corporation.img" file which is in the right pane and click on

Extract and Run and save it in C:.

7. Remove the CD from the drive and close the IsoBuster software.

Burning the CD:

Here I have chosen Nero Express burning software. Open the software which you have and select the CD-ROM(Boot) or Bootable CD that is given in your CD.

1. Open Nero Express and click on the Nero button which is near More button to switch to the

other format which will be easy to burn.

2. Select CD-ROM(Boot) from the left pane.

3. Click on the "Boot" tab and select the Image file and give the path "C:\Microsoft


4. Below that select the option "No Emulation" in the kind of Emulation type.

5. Click on the Label tab and provide a comfortable name for that CD and click New button.

6. In the right side open the "C:\XP" folder.

7. Select all files in that folder and drag it to the left side.

8. Click on the burn button to start burning the CD.

Hope you'd have enjoyed with the integration of Service Pack with the OS!!!!!!

You may also follow the same procedure to integrate the Windows 2000 CD with its service


Friday, March 03, 2006

Office XP integration procedure with Service Packs

Procedure to integrate Office XP with its Service packs :

Requirements :

1. Office XP CD.
2. Service Packs.
3. Around 650MB of free space on one of your hard drives.
4. A CDR/CDRW drive, CD burning software.

Procedure starts here :-

1. Create folders with the names "OfficeXP" and "Officesp3".

2. Insert the Office XP Cd and click on Start-Run and type the following command to do an administrative installation which will only copy the contents of the Cd to the path we give.
"x:\setup /a"

Where "X" is the Cd drive of your computer.

Note : There is a space before "/a".

When prompted for the path locate the "OfficeXP" folder so that the files get copied there.

3. Either download the Service pack 3 or copy it from where you've downloaded to "Officesp3" folder.

4. Right click on the downloaded service pack file and Using either Winzip or Winrar extract the service pack files in the same folder.

5. Open Start-Run and type the following command to integrate the service pack with the copied files :

"msiexec /p c:\OfficeXPSP3\MAINSP3FF.MSP /a H:\OfficeXP\proplus.msi shortfilenames=true /qb"

Note : If you don't have "MainSP3FF.MSP", you'll have "MainSP3.MSP" try to use that file in that command. You won't get any completion message.

Also, type the following command to integrate the web components to the installation folder ; "msiexec /p c:\OfficeXPSP3\OWC10SP3FF.MSP /a H:\OfficeXP\owc10.msi shortfilenames=true /qb"

Note : If you don't have "OWC10SP3FF.MSP", you'll have "OWC10SP3.MSP" try to use that file in that command. You won't get any completion message.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Manually update Trend Micro

1. Right click on Taskbar and select "Task Manager"

2. Click on the "Processes" tab.

3. See for the below given process, select them and click on "End Process" one by one :






4. Open "C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Internet Security XXXX" (Default path), if you have installed the program anywhere, please open the respective folder.

5. Follow the link to download the latest pattern files to a new folder in Desktop for easy update for Trend Micro :

Link :

In the above link, download the "Virus Pattern File (Official Pattern Release) - X.XXX.XX" which is under "Virus Pattern Files / Cleanup Templates".

Also download "Spyware Pattern File (Official Pattern Release) - X.XXX.XX" which is under "Spyware Pattern Files / Cleanup Templates",

"Network Virus Pattern - XXXXX" which is under "Network Virus Pattern",

"Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Pattern - XXX" which is under "Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Pattern".

You may also download "Wireless Pattern" if you have any wireless devices with Trend Micro installed.

6. After you download all the pattern files, extract all the files to "C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Internet Security XXXX" (Default path), if you have installed the program anywhere, please extract the files to the respective folder.

7. After extracting, double click on "Patch.exe" which helps us to patch the extracted files with the main file.

Note : This will open a window and patches the latest extracted files within 1 to 2 seconds and the window disappears. It is a normal process.

8. After Patch window disappears, double click on "Tsc.exe". This will open a new window and starts extracting the latest updates and patching it to the main program.

Note : This will extract and update according to the files that the pattern file has in it which will take at the maximum of 5 minutes.

9. After the "Tsc.exe" window disappears, double click on the "pccmain.exe" file to launch Trend Micro.

In the "Updates and Registration" section, you may see the "Manual Update" option. Click on the Manual Update link, which will bring the status of the Trend Micro's updates in which you can see that the latest pattern files updated to your Anti-virus. If you still see the old pattern file number in that session, try to restart the computer and check for the latest pattern file number displayed there after the restart.

Enjoy with the latest updated pattern files on your computer, scan and keep your computer free from Viruses and Spywares.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Viruses and Spywares Removal Procedures

Here are some procedures to scan and remove Viruses & Spywares from your computer :

Visit the following link :

Download : "Damage Cleanup Engine / Template" to your Desktop.

Also Download : "Sysclean Package" from the same page to your Desktop.

Create a separate folder in your Desktop and put the above downloaded files to that folder.

After that visit the following link :

Download : "Virus Pattern File (Official Pattern Release)" to the same folder in your Desktop.

Also Download : "Virus Cleanup Template - xxx" to the same folder in your Desktop.

Also Download : "Spyware Pattern File (Official Pattern Release)" to the same folder in your Desktop.

Also Download : "Spyware Cleanup Template - xxx" to the same folder in your Desktop.

After downloading the above mentioned things, open the folder and unzip the pattern files to the same folder for easy process for the engines.

Double click on "Tsc.exe" to make ready the latest viruses updated then double-click on "".

The will extract some files and it will automatically combine the latest virus pattern with it and start the scanning process.

After the scan is complete follow the link to do an on-line scan (This is for extra confirmation):

and click on the "Scan Now. It's Free!" link and proceed with the on-screen instructions to complete the on-line scan.

After the on-line scan is over try to download Spybot from the following link :

and click on "Download here" button to download the Spybot spyware removal tool to your Desktop.

After performing the above things, you may also with Stinger from McAfee with the following link :

and download "Download stngxxx.exe" link and save it to your Desktop and start the scan.

The above mentioned will remove all the viruses and spywares in your computer but for the most latest ones.

Windows Picture and Fax Viewer


This Trojan is a .WMF file that takes advantage of an unpatched vulnerability found in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.
The Windows Picture and Fax Viewer vulnerability is a zero-day exploit that is capable of remote code execution.
Zero-day exploits are termed as such because the unpatched vulnerability and its corresponding exploit code are released within the same day.
This may pose as a dangerous situation in which a lot of systems may be affected due to the availability of exploit code, and the fact that the vendor has not been given enough time to patch it.
Once this malicious .WMF file is opened, it proceeds to launch a denial of service attack in an attempt to restart or terminate the legitimate system process EXPLORER.EXE. The said action leaves an affected user unable to navigate through Windows.
After performing its routine, this Trojan eventually terminates itself.
It runs on Windows XP and Server 2003.

Solution :

Force 9x users for password to login

Make Windows 9X users to force password while login :

Click Start->Settings->ControlPanel->User Accounts.

In that User Accounts, delete the old user and create a new user with passwords.

Click Start->Run and type "Regedit" without quotes and press Ok.

Click on the File menu and click on the Export option and give a file name and click on the Save button.

Click on the + near HKEY_USERS
Click on the + near DEFAULT
Click on the + near Software
Click on the + near Microsoft
Click on the + near Windows
Click on the + near CurrentVersion
Click on folder Run.

Here are the steps to create the file to force the user to enter password :

1. Click on the Edit menu.
2. Click on New option.
3. Click on the String Value.
4. A new file will be created on the right side of the window with an icon "ab".
5. Right-click on the icon and click on Rename option.
6. Enter "NoLogon" without the quotation mark.

Note : The "N" and "L" should be in Caps and the other characters must be in lower case for "NoLogon".

7. Press Enter key.
8. Double-click on the NoLogon key and type "RUNDLL32 shell32,SHExitWindowsEx 0" without the quotation mark in the "Value data:" and click on Ok button.

Click on the File menu and click on the Exit option and restart the computer.

To set the password :

1. Enter the password and click Ok.
2. Restart the computer.

Note: If any user tries to by-pass the login screen the computer will automatically restart and will not allow the user to login to Windows.

Friday, July 28, 2006

It is back

Thanks to the indian govt for bringing back the blogger site.
i am really happy about it, folks it is good to share that the site is working fine,

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Indian Govt to block and few others

Indian Govt blocks blogspot, typepad and geocities
Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Govt of India has banned blogs that are hosted at's service (
Two more services and are also blocked by the Indian Govt.

India's Department of Telecommunications (DoT) passed an order to ISPs Friday to block several websites.

An Indian political blog is reporting that the ban was initiated by the Indian intelligence service to stop terrorism. According totheir source, the terrorists are using blogs to communicate. It ia useless (because the terrorists can simply use proxies),and it's similar to shutting off the country's telephone service because terrorists talk to each other through phones.

So, whats the solution now?
For serious users of, i suggest moving your website to some other server instead of hosting at
Here's the procedure (its what i did minutes back)

1.Log in into " "
2.Go to your blog's settings
3.Select "Publishing"
4.Click on a small link called "Switch To: FTP "
5.Enter FTP details of your website there and click on "Save Settings"
6.Republish your Entire Blog
7.Your blog will be hosted on the server of your choice now.

Thats for users with access to a FTP server, for others, create a FTP account in any of the freely available webhosting solutions such as
50webs provides free FTP access and subdomain based hosting, so you can have instead of

If any users want detailed information about hosting with 50webs or with configuring blogger, submit comment on my site, so that i can put up an elaborate tutorial on my site.

Lets hope that Indian Govt doesn't block and !
Tutorials over, now for the technical part.
The Indian Govt is not correct on its part to block these websites.
If India is worried about terrorists, let it track suspicious blogs or block selective blogs.
Its insane to block out such premiere websites such as blogger and geocities.
Technically, terrorists can have thousands of ways to communicate online, if so, will the Indian Govt block the entire Internet?
So much for all the speeches about India shining in IT sector.
Setbacks such as these can have the potential to erase the IT future of India and spoil the reputation of Indians online.

All said, is the Govt Listening???

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Working at US

I came across a super story, that really bangs ppl who are looking for a job in US. Please read this story.

Don't forget to read the moral of the story.

This one really cracked me up!

In a poor zoo of India, a lion was frustrated as he was offered not more
than 1 kg meat a day. The lion thought its prayers were answered when one US
Zoo Manager visited the zoo and requested the zoo management to shift the
lion to the US Zoo.

The lion was so happy and started thinking of a central A/c environment, a
goat or two every day and a US Green Card also.

On its first day after arrival, the lion was offered a big bag, sealed very
nicely for breakfast. The lion opened it quickly but was shocked to see that
it contained few bananas. Then the lion thought that may be they cared too
much for him as they were worried about his stomach as he had recently
shifted from India. The next day the same thing happened. On the third day
again the same food bag of bananas was delivered.

The lion was so furious, he blasted at delivery boy, 'Don't you know I am
the Lion...king of the Jungle..., what's wrong with your management?, what
nonsense is this?, why are you delivering bananas to me?'

The delivery boy politely said, 'Sir, I know you are the king of the jungle
....but you have been brought here on a monkey's visa!!!

Moral of the story :
Better to be a Lion in India than a Monkey

Monday, July 10, 2006


What Every Company Should Know
by Ram Charan

The 10 Qualities of Great Growth Leaders
by Ram Charan

Thursday, July 6, 2006
[Ram Charan]

Are you a growth leader? This isn't a question that's just for CEOs and business-unit presidents, and making sure you can answer "yes" to it is vitally important to your career advancement.

Every company needs to grow, and it takes leaders at many organizational levels to achieve it -- no matter what department you're in. In the years ahead, leaders who can truly help their organizations produce profitable growth are the ones who will find themselves moving up the corporate ladder. You can propel your career forward by adopting the skills and habits growth leaders possess, thus making growth part of your personal brand.

Over many years, I've observed leaders who are great at creating profitable growth. As a result, I've identified certain skills and habits that contribute to the creation, development, and implementation of ideas to help their organizations grow. They fall into two categories: What growth leaders do personally, and what they accomplish through others.

What the Best Growth Leaders Do Personally

* Gain first-hand knowledge. They get out of their office and are keen observers of consumers. They pay special attention to the moments of truth, when a customer either makes a purchase (or repeat purchase) or walks away. But they do more than just observe. They talk to these customers to find out why they did or didn't make a purchase.

Sam Walton built the Wal-Mart empire this way. Even as the company became huge, he stayed close to customers and made sure other leaders were exercising the same observational acuity. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is another leader who stays closely attuned to consumer behavior. Growth leaders supplement this first-hand knowledge with other tools, such as market research and focus groups, but seeing for themselves what's going on is essential.

* Head a growth project. Growth projects are different. They require a different orientation and different kinds of information. Leading one hones your mental faculties to be alert to new opportunities and issues.

But there's another key reason for being involved personally. All growth projects require interaction between departments. Do the departments cooperate, or does infighting slow progress? Are certain individuals or departments unresponsive to growth initiatives? The easiest way to find out about such issues is by running or participating in a growth project yourself. Sure, we're all busy. But being involved in a growth project should be part of your job. If you don't have the opportunity to lead one, at least be a participant.

* Are Focused. You have only a finite amount of time and resources. The best leaders concentrate them on a limited number of growth targets.

* Have a handle on risk. Good leaders realize that growth projects have much higher levels of uncertainty compared to cost-cutting initiatives. Customers may not like your new offering; the competition can come out of left field with a product that makes yours obsolete. In short, there's no guarantee that a growth project will work.

Not only have good leaders developed a methodology for evaluating risk, they have accepted the possibility that failure can occur -- even when everyone has made their best efforts. Still, growth initiators are more than willing to take calculated risks, and they have the psychology and temperament to deal with this uncertainty.

* Are Clear. They can articulate in plain, unambiguous language what the final user of the new product needs and really wants. They're also very specific as to what's to be done to create such an offering. And these leaders present this information from the consumer's perspective, not the company's. Clarity is important because their direct reports can't buy into a plan unless they understand it.

Often, growth leaders are visionaries, but if they cannot explain their vision, the people who work for them end up wasting time, money, and resources. Clarity creates accomplishment.

Getting It Done Through Others

As you can see, growth leaders are personally committed to profitably increasing the company's revenues. With that as the base, they then get their direct reports as engaged about growth as they are.

To do that they are:

* Realistic. If an objective appears unobtainable, many of your direct reports will disengage and simply go through the motions.

While the best leaders often establish challenging goals, those objectives are obtainable. Invariably, people committed to a growth project will exceed even optimistic expectations by a wide margin. For example, Motorola charged one team with developing the thinnest cell phone ever, and to do so within a year. The team not only met the deadline but created the must-have RAZR.

Your direct reports need to believe in the destination you have in mind, and you should work with your team members to bring the destination into clearer focus for them, helping them see it more clearly.

* Are extremely good listeners. Both in staff meetings and in one-on-one conversations, growth leaders detect ideas they've never heard before. The idea may not be fully formed, but they sense the kernel of something new, and then help its creator to both shape and implement it.

For example, according to a source at Time Inc., managers within the magazine group heard their direct reports say women readers were constantly complaining about how they were under extreme time pressure trying to balance their jobs and family. This insight led to a magazine, now in development, called Simplicity.

* Make sure their people are in some way participating in a growth project. No matter what the employee's job description is, the best leaders make sure each of their direct reports is also doing something that will help the company grow. This is possible no matter where you work in the organization.

For example, someone from the human resources department working in a growth project can help that team by contributing his or her specialized set of skills, assessing team members' growth mindset and helping them think out of the box. The HR staffer can also boost the growth team by assessing how creative the members are and what tools are needed for brainstorming. This results in the team being strengthened -- as well as the HR staffer's skills and knowledge growing through his or her participation in the key project.

* Celebrate failures. It's one thing to know intellectually that a certain percentage of growth initiatives won't work out, it's quite another to hold a party when a project fails. This counter-intuitive move sends a message to your direct reports that risk-taking is to be encouraged, even when it doesn't work out sometimes.

But these leaders do more than celebrate failures. They learn from them by conducting extensive post-mortems to discover what worked, what didn't, and why.

* Take risks on people. Good managers are willing to take some chances with people. They put them in stretch assignments and then help them implement the ideas they come up with. This nurturing fosters creativity and inspires their people. Who wouldn't want to see one of their ideas implemented company-wide?

And that underscores an important point. The best growth leaders work through their people. While they're personally leading or participating in a growth project, they're also leveraging themselves by having each of their direct reports involved in such key projects as well. Your Nobel Prize as a manager will come from how well you turn your direct reports into growth leaders in their own right.

Build your track record as someone who generates profitable growth. Be a leader.
A man dies and goes to hell. There he finds that there is a
different hell for each country. He goes to the German hell and
asks " What do they do here ?" He was told, " First they put you
in an electric chair for an hour. Then they lay you on a bed of
nails for another hour. Then the German devil comes in and
beats you for the rest of the day "

The man does not like the sound of that at all, so he moves on
and checks out the USA hell as well as the Russian hell and many
more countries...

He discovers that they are all more or less the
same as the German hell...
Then he comes to the Indian hell and finds that there is a long
line of people waiting to get in. Amazed, he asks, " What do
they do here ?"{

He was told, " First they put you in an electric chair for an
hour..Then they lay you on a bed of nails for another hour.
Then the Indian devil comes and beats you for the rest of the
" But that is exactly the same as all the other hells---so why are
so many people waiting to get in here ?" asked the man.
" Because maintenance is so bad that the electric chair does not
work,,--someone has stolen all the nails from the bed-- and the
Indian devil is a former Govt. servant, so he comes in and signs
the register and then goes to the canteen !

Friday, June 30, 2006

Firefox VoIP client - Is this legal in India???

PostPosted: Today at 1:07 pm Post subject: Firefox VoIP client - Is this legal in India???
Firefox VoIP

Firefox has now his VoIP client.

Abbeynet Labs released today the first version of a Firefox VoIP extension, that means that you can now have a full featured SIP user agent directly into Firefox. This is a very useful tool to enhance the VOW experience. It is still not an official product from Abbeynet, but you can try it out anyway.

* You don't need any other desktop software, all VoIP functionality is built in the extension.
* One-click call feature to dial a number straight from the web page you are browsing.
* SMS sending
* Just sign up for a valid account at abbeyphone provider.
* Internet calls are FREE. PSTN call rates can be found on Abbeyphone's web site.

After the installation and restarting Firefox, you will find the extension on the lower right side of the Firefox's status bar.
Anyway, you can change the position if needed (you can place it on the MenĂ¹ Bar or Navigation Bar).
You can see your SIP number, your credit, a edit box where you can insert the number you want to call then three buttons (make call, stop call and menĂ¹).

Full Article here.