Friday, June 30, 2006

Firefox VoIP client - Is this legal in India???

PostPosted: Today at 1:07 pm Post subject: Firefox VoIP client - Is this legal in India???
Firefox VoIP

Firefox has now his VoIP client.

Abbeynet Labs released today the first version of a Firefox VoIP extension, that means that you can now have a full featured SIP user agent directly into Firefox. This is a very useful tool to enhance the VOW experience. It is still not an official product from Abbeynet, but you can try it out anyway.

* You don't need any other desktop software, all VoIP functionality is built in the extension.
* One-click call feature to dial a number straight from the web page you are browsing.
* SMS sending
* Just sign up for a valid account at abbeyphone provider.
* Internet calls are FREE. PSTN call rates can be found on Abbeyphone's web site.

After the installation and restarting Firefox, you will find the extension on the lower right side of the Firefox's status bar.
Anyway, you can change the position if needed (you can place it on the MenĂ¹ Bar or Navigation Bar).
You can see your SIP number, your credit, a edit box where you can insert the number you want to call then three buttons (make call, stop call and menĂ¹).

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