Wednesday, March 28, 2007 Comic Strip Creator

toondoo.jpg has a pretty cool Drag and Drop Comic Strip Creator.

ToonDoo is a cool, comic-creating tool from Jambav, a fun site for kids. Jambav is devoted to creating a unique array of free and customizable online games of educational value for children of all abilities.

You can now just drag-drop or click to create comic strips that express your views, opinions, angst or to just have fun, loads of it!

Where can I use it?
ToonDoo looks to be friendly for most platforms...including MySpace!

Do I have to sign up?
You do if you want to create a comic strip.
You don't if you want to display comics created by others. (just have to find the embed codes)

I believe each comic strip comes with an RSS feed and Digg and submit links.

Please comment on this product...I'm interested in your opinions.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

WebEx buy makes Cisco a collaboration player

Cisco Systems is entering new territory with its planned US$3.2 billion
acquisition of WebEx Communications with plans to deliver collaboration
tools as an online service and possibly integrate the company's
business-related offerings with consumer social networking technology. For a brief note, click here


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Online advertising fraught with malicious code

Online advertising hosts 80 percent of all instances of malicious code, security experts have warned.An analysis of more than 10 million unique URLs, based
on live web traffic recorded in the U.K., by security firm Finjan found
that hackers are increasingly targeting advertising.Click here to know more


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Six tips for Linux

Planning a migration from Windows PCs to Linux -based desktops is no
small task. Here are six issues and strategies to consider before
getting started.

1. Before Windows, go after Office first

2. Seek out and court power users

3. Survey users' apps to find 'show-stoppers'

4. Make back-end moves to set up desktop Linux success

5. Consider the devilish details

6. Don't have an agenda

Click here to know in brief about these points....


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New Trojan calls on Skype

Another Trojan horse is spreading through the Internet telephone network of Skype Ltd.
The malicious code, known as both Warezov and Stration,
is similar to an earlier version detected in February, but with a new
URL (uniform resource locator) and a new version of the malicious code,
according to an alert posted Thursday by Websense Inc.

/>For detailed information click here....


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ganguly's sour ankle to be tested

Sourav Ganguly's sour right ankle will be tested by team physio John Gloster during the nets on Tuesday.Ganguly reported of soreness in his ankle on the eve of their warm-up match against the West Indies last week and took part for only 11 overs in the practice game.Although Captain Rahul Dravid has dismissed the issue as nothing serious but the team management is not taking chances.

"By the looks of it, it is not serious. He has been uncomfortable because of this old injury, which has flared up again. But we do not see it as serious," Dravid has said.Ganguly does not seem overtly concerned by his injury but has sought Gloster's attention in the last few days.Dravid too is not bothered and was his phlegmatic self while describing that he expected all 15 members of his side to stand up and be counted if so was the need of the hour.

Ganguly, barring something serious, should figure in the starting line-up in the game against Bangladesh on Saturday.Even as the four teams in the group -- Bermuda, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, besides India -- buckled down for the real competition with practice sessions in morning and afternoon at two different venues of the city, the organisers were still busy applying the final coat, as it were, to the reconstructed Queen's Park Oval.

Trinidad and Tobago, as one of the Caribbean countries hosting matches of the 2007 World Cup, has been in news for wrong reasons so far.A match was abandoned with only one ball bowled at a venue; gusty winds blew away the sight screens in another; South Africa-Pakistan nearly abandoned a practice game and a gas made teams evacuate their hotel last week.

Hotel Hilton, where the four teams are being put up this time, is taking no chances and has taken necessary steps so that there is no repeat of last week when a gas leak made teams evacuate their rooms in a rush.The organisers faced battle on another front as plans were being drawn to stop congestion at the Queen's Park Oval during the match days.Anand Daniel, CEO of the Local Organising Committee implied that it was unable to have enough leverage to force the pace of work there because the Oval is the only privately-owned venue throughout the region.

He added that refurbishing was also harder than starting from scratch and that for posterity, the management of the Oval wanted to install the most modern facilities.Daniel stated, however, that come March 15, action out in the centre of the pitch will proceed as scheduled at the Oval.Original document from Rediff.


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T-Mobile will probably change their policy quickly as iPhone switchers be

Getting ready for Apple iPhone: How to get out of your 2-year …MacDailyNews - 1 hour agoSome advice: use it or lose it: T-Mobile will probably change their policy quickly as iPhone switchers begin to drop like flies. …

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Flash to Video Encoder - End To Conversion issues

This software will help you solve your flash to video conversion problems easily.

Flash to Video Encoder PRO will convert Flash (swf) movies to video
AVI, ASF, WMV, MPEG, DVD files or burn directly to DVD. And if you want
to add watermarks, logos and copyright messages to video file, this
software helps you get it done quite easily.

The great thing about Flash to Video Encoder PRO is that it allows
human interaction on Flash content during conversion. One other thing
I’m sure you’ll love is the fact that you will be able to convert Flash
SWF files to MP4 media content for your mobile devices.

The latest version, Flash to Video Encoder PRO 4.5 has these cool changes:

  • Now you can create MPEG with your own width and height
  • Fixed some DVD bugs
  • Some minor bugs fixed

It’s really worth checking out. CLICK HERE for more info or Visit


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ClickTris - Classical Tetris Game

If you’ve always been a fan of the popular game, Tetris, then you might want to check out this classical version.

ClickTris is a classical Tetris game and like all classical Tetris
games, it’s all about arranging pieces perfectly. During the game many
pieces fall from top of window, these fall until it lands on another
piece or bottom of window an it’s the correct arrangement of the pieces
that earn you points.

If you are someone who is not really into the classic Tetris, you
won’t like this game, but if you are a die- hard Tetris fan who loves
playing the game the old fashioned way it is worth checking out!

CLICK HERE! Or Go to for more info and download.


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Awasu - Innovative RSS

Do you want a tool to help you stay on top of things, monitoring
news from thousands of web sites and blogs around the world? Then Awasu
is going work well for you.

Awasu is a RSS client that lets you monitor news from thousands of
web sites and blogs around the world. The really cool thing about this
program is that it works in a unique way, and unlike other RSS clients,
it has a powerful plugin architecture that allows you to monitor
absolutely anything at all, even if it doesn’t provide an RSS feed.
Awasu’s plugin architecture lets you extract information from any data
source and monitor it in the same way as a regular feed.

This is really a very useful program that lets you do more advanced things like:

  • Download your favorite podcasts
  • Integrate with blogging tools
  • Automatically keep your blogroll up-to-date
  • Take information from within Awasu and republish it
  • Keep different PC’s in sync with each other

Want to check it out? CLICK HERE or go to


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Burn My Files: 1 Click Software

If there was ever a one click CD and DVD burning software, this is
it. Burn My Files integrates with Windows Explorer. You need only
select your file or folder, and with just one click, burn a CD or burn
DVD. It’s so simple and very easy to use.

The really cool thing about this software is that unlike most
shareware, it offers a fully featured trial version for 30 days. This
means you can try it free for 30 days and see if it’s something worth
paying for or not. The publishers are that confident of their product.

Go and check out, you really don’t have anything to lose.

Go to

These are the cool features you will enjoy:

  • Integrates with Windows Explorer
  • One click to start burn
  • CD burning software
  • DVD burning software
  • Burn DVD +R and -R
  • Create ISO images

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SimplyBackup: An Easy Use Backup Tool

1138275578-1.gif Need a fast and easy back up program? You need to check out SimplyBackup.

SimplyBackup is a fast and easy backup program for Windows. It
provides both manual and automatic data backup. It includes many useful
features, such as Zip file compression, native file copying, strong
AES-256 encryption, HTML log report, and more.

If there is in one thing you will enjoy about this software, it’s
the user interface; it’s so simple and easy to learn that even fresh
computer users won’t have a problem with it.

Another cool thing is that SimplyBackup includes backup templates to
automatically back up My Documents, Windows desktop, Outlook folders,
e-mail messages, address book, Windows system settings, and many more.
You don’t have to specify those locations manually anymore.

You will also love the fact SimplyBackup is fast and has little
impact on your system. It takes minimum system resources when running
on your computer. The installation package is very small.

Don’t you think it’s worth checking out?

For more info and download, CLICK HERE or visit


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Sunday, March 04, 2007 Excellent Google tips

Today I found and discovered that this site is easy to read and very helpful. If you plan to start using Google for more than just search...this would be a good place to learn what else you can do with Google.

Here is an example:

We’re a step further in having Gmail as our universal inbox. Here’s a new feature I think a lot of users have been asking for: the ability to retrieve external email via POP.

Gmail now lets you add up to five email accounts that you can
retrieve into your Gmail inbox. The feature is not available to all
accounts as of now, though. Do check your Gmail Settings under the Accounts tab. If you see Get mail from other accounts, then you’ve got the feature activated!

for the rest of this quote go to