Sunday, March 11, 2007

Awasu - Innovative RSS

Do you want a tool to help you stay on top of things, monitoring
news from thousands of web sites and blogs around the world? Then Awasu
is going work well for you.

Awasu is a RSS client that lets you monitor news from thousands of
web sites and blogs around the world. The really cool thing about this
program is that it works in a unique way, and unlike other RSS clients,
it has a powerful plugin architecture that allows you to monitor
absolutely anything at all, even if it doesn’t provide an RSS feed.
Awasu’s plugin architecture lets you extract information from any data
source and monitor it in the same way as a regular feed.

This is really a very useful program that lets you do more advanced things like:

  • Download your favorite podcasts
  • Integrate with blogging tools
  • Automatically keep your blogroll up-to-date
  • Take information from within Awasu and republish it
  • Keep different PC’s in sync with each other

Want to check it out? CLICK HERE or go to


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