Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Have Your Own Personal Wikipedia!!!

1161949996-1.jpgAre you familiar with that popular site, Wikipedia?
Well if you are, how about having your own personal wikipedia. That’s
what wikidPad aims to do for you. To help structure personal knowledge
like Wikipedia helps structure global knowledge.

WikidPad is a wiki-like notebook for storing your thoughts, ideas,
to do lists, contacts, or anything else you can think of to write down.
The reason why this tool is different from other notepad applications
is the ease with which you can cross-link your information.

Yeah it’s so easy to cross link information. Links in a wiki are
created by typing in what is called WikiWords. And what is a WikiWord?
Any case word (also called CamelCase) typed into the editor e.g.

It is worthy of note that wikidPad is not a wikipedia thing; the
term wiki means “quick” in Hawaiian. Since wiki means quick, you can
rest assured that you are going to enjoy quickly linking your
information together.

The latest version, WikidPad 1.9 Beta 2 has these changes:

  • Better support for creating new tabs
  • Several bug fixes

Want to check it out? CLICK HERE!


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How to Create Your Own Website

you are seeking to create a blog or website without any web designing
skill, I know something that will make it easy for you; TOWeb.

TOWeb is a software that is very useful for people and organizations
wishing to create a blog or a Web site without any Web designing
skills. It’s really very useful to use; just enter your texts, add your
pictures, and create your graphical theme using the random theme
generator features.

Using TOWeb you can add any kind of Web page to your website; you
can also enhance your pictures with frames and effects. What you will
appreciate about this software is that it lets you protect any
sensitive content with passwords, emails are automatically protected
from spam, and click a single button to publish your Web site to your
Web space using the provided list of hosts.

The latest version, TOWeb 1.71 has these changes:

  • Bug fix : catalog item names were not displayed in the index pages when the item paragraphs are indented
  • Improvement: the target of a link in a paragraph can now be
    specified. Default is the automatic mode but you may choose to open a
    link in the same web page or in a new web browser window
  • Bug fix : the topic group presentation with just an image was also displaying the title and the “More…” link
  • Bug fix : the option “Do not truncate texts and do not show the
    ‘More…’ links” located in the “Advanced topic settings” was not working
    for topic groups
  • Correction : links to catalog item pages inside the shopping cart
    may have been pointing to wrong items especially on catalogs containing
    more than 10 items

Want to check it out! CLICK HERE! Or go to


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is a nifty tool for Windows 95/98/Me, NT/2000/XP. It lets you save
Taskbar space for minimized windows by creating a small icon, for each
application you apply to it, in the System Tray (The System Tray is the
area is located near the Windows Clock).

All you need to do is start trayit1.exe, which becomes an invisible
process on your machine, and then press and hold the Ctrl button on
your keyboard whenever you minimize an application window. Instead of
minimizing the application to your Taskbar, showing a rectangle with
the application’s icon and title bar description, you’ll just see the
application’s icon in the System Tray. You can then maximize the window
by clicking the icon.

TrayIt’s Web site says: “this is particularly useful for background
tasks you typically keep running on your PC all day long like your
favorite E-mail client, Real Player, etc..” But, for myself anyway, I
have a more important use for this tool: What I do is load Trayit! onto
my USB drive that I take everywhere with me for use as an external hard
drive. I plug this USB drive into computers that aren’t mine, such as
my sister’s family room computer whenever I’m over at her place. Then I
launch Trayit! from my USB drive which runs invisibly on her computer
until the computer is reboot. Every time I run an application that I
don’t want closed by another family member using the computer when I’m
away, I minimize it with Trayit! before I leave. Now my young nieces
won’t close any windows I have open that are perhaps performing a long
download, system scan, or whatever, while I’m away. Very handy.

One issue I’ve come across is that some applications, such as mIRC,
already implement a special feature when you hold the Ctrl key while
minimizing the window (doing so in mIRC allows you to set a temporary
password). This shouldn’t be a problem, as Trayit! should still
minimize the application properly after your particular application
runs it’s special feature.


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Monday, February 26, 2007

Five Gmail secrets I did not know

Steve Rubel shares Five Gmail secrets that help you become more productive.

These secrets also give you more reason to try out Gmail.

Check out the post on MicroPersuasion

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Get yourself a Google account

You say "I don't need another account, I have too many already". A Google account will come in so handy, that you will ask your self "Why didn't I do this sooner?"


Gmail gives you 2.8 Gigs of free storage. Gmail also blocks spam, saves your email in groups, and makes email searching a snap.
Gmail allows you to chat with your contacts if they use gmail.
You can send and receive email from any Internet connected computer and always have access to your emails and chat.
All of this and you don't have to download a thing. Best's FREE!

Google Bookmarks

Now that you have a Google account, check out Google bookmarks.
This allows you to save important web pages where ever you are. You even get to "Label"(tag) them to make searching them easier.
Now, when you are at work, you don't have to try and remember that website that you bookmarked at home. Just look in your Google bookmarks...and there it is!
(make sure to use the easy "bookmarklet" to make saving bookmarks faster)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

How Google Works


This is going to be one of the best topic in my blog.This related to a popular search that is rocking the internet world, these people are not only the best and the topper in search but they have a lot of other products too. But this blog is only relating to search, the topper is none other than GOOGLE. This blog will give you a brief note about how google works, like how it picks pages when they are typed in to search engines. For a brief diagramatic explanation, read this link

Take care

SEO’s seven most often asked questions


This article, includes the seven topics of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) I have been getting lately on search engine optimization. These seven most often-asked questions are filled with important information and what I recommend the most for achieving the best overall results in efficient brand management and increased return on investment (ROI). To have clear picture about how it works and what should we do if we have any issues with SEO is detailed in this page. I found this to be very useful from this site...

Please read about this and have a clear picture about it.

Take care

Monday, February 12, 2007

Enable Hidden BootScreen in Windows Vista

The Windows Vista BootScreen is pointless, but Microsoft decided to hide a more visually appealing boot screen that can easily be enabled with very little trouble.

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Mac OSX Expose Clone for Windows Vista

Now there is finally a Mac OSX Expose clone application for Windows Vista that runs great! Not only that, but it’s open source, so you can improve it if you wanted to.

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Skype hack enables higher resolution video calls

For those that do have sufficient bandwidth, a fast enough computer, and a capable webcam, there's an experimental hack for Skype that allows you to increase the resolution from the ancient 320 x 240 standard up to a much more tolerable 640 x 480. The hack only works one way, so users on both ends will have to apply it in order to see each other's

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Intel demonstrates 80-core processor

Now that the Megahertz race has faded into the distance (we hear it was a myth), Intel is well and truly kicking off the start of a multi-core war with the demonstration of an 80-core research processor in San Francisco last week.

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Wikipedia won't "shut within 3-4 months"

I see that the rumor that wikipedia could “shut within 3-4 months” is all over the blogosphere right now... I had a look at the recording of the chat I had with Florence Devouard on the LIFT stage. Here is a transcript of the discussion, but in a word, Florence made it very clear that Wikipedia would NOT shut down in the next 3 months.

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Sharing thoughts about others BLOG

This story is all about making friends and how you can earn friendship across globe. I happen to meet my PAL Derek Anderson with help of chat option that i have in my blog. We hav been good friends right from the day, we started to chat with each other.Now this has helped us to write review about our blogs. Now he is helping me..

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Sunday, February 11, 2007



Hello to all of Dexter's Laboratory readers. My name is Derek Anderson and I have been invited by Ganesh to be a contributor to this fine blog.

I hope to add useful content to an already excellent blog. If you have any questions you can email me at

Thanks again,


Skeleton Adv - More Than a Screensaver


1234312.jpgIf you want a screensaver that is more than just a screensaver, you might want to consider getting this one, Skeleton Adventures. It has an incredibly rich 3D environment. Getting this screensaver is not like getting most screensavers; you are invited to join the adventures of Sly Slim while he passes time at his home in Shale County Cemetery. Believe me, it’s really cool, its like a movie on your desktop, but one with an ever changing ending.

Though it’s really cool, you’ll need to purchase the full version to enjoy the best of it. But before you commit your cash to it, you can check out the free demo download HERE.

One problem is that it’s really bulky. The graveyard settings may also put you off if you don’t appreciate such stuff. Let’s face it , great animation or no animation, not everybody would want to have a skeleton in a graveyard adventure as a screensaver.

But all in all to those who don’t mind, it’s really cool. The animation, the effects, all make it a must have. This is not just a screensaver, it’s more than a screensaver.

If you download it and you have problems with the playback (if it is very jerky and sometimes stops) make sure you have a good video card and turn up all the accelerator settings.

Because video cards sometimes combine the on board RAM with your PCs RAM, you may need to check under the Troubleshooting section of the Advanced properties on your video card to make sure “Enable Write Combining” is unchecked. You should get a better and smoother playback after confirming this.

NOTE: It is only compatible with Windows 2000 and above.

Click HERE for more info and demo download!


Citrus Alarm Clock - CUKOO CUKOO


screenshot01t.pngAre you tired of relying on your boring old alarm clock to wake you up or the usual typical radio stuff on your radio alarm clock? Here’s a little program that lets you take control of exactly what you want to wake up to.

It has features above and beyond any standard alarm clock, such as being able to set different wake up times for different days. In fact you can set as many different alarms as you like! It uses your own media player, what’s cool is it can fade in the “alarm” so you can awaken more gently, this means you wont have the shock of thinking you just woke up in a mosh pit if you choose to wake to heavy metal!

It’s totally free and you can download it over at the website.


Video Edit Magic - Magic in your videos


vemagic_snapshot.gifVideo Edit Magic is a simple way to edit videos. It offers you a good alternative to more expensive software for your home video editing needs. You can select video, audio and images to use for your work, and the various effects and transitions that you can choose from give you a good starting point.

You don’t have to be familiar with video editing in order to be able to give your videos a quality touch, and if you should bump into any problems, use the help menu with confidence, since it has plenty of information and explanations. The program also has a drag and drop interface which makes it easy to use.

This is a cool video editing program for anyone on a budget who wants to edit home movies, etc. You can download a trial and find out more info about the (pretty impressive) features at the homepage here.


Digital Media Converter: Get converted!


conversion-status.gifDigital Media Converter is software that allows an easy way to convert audio or video files from one format to another. You can organize and even batch convert all your video and audio files between: VCD, DVD, AVI (DivX, MS MPEG4, uncompressed, etc), MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (PAL, NTSC), MP3, MOV, WMA, WMV, and WAV formats.

This comes in useful if you, for example, want to bring your video files with you on a portable device such as a video iPod or Sony PSP. It is pretty easy to use, with a nice and easy to understand interface, it also pre-selects the best settings for you, so you don’t need to go and get too confused about what settings to select.

The latest version also features enhanced Windows Vista compatibility. Click here for more info and to download the trial.


History Sweeper


sweeperm.pngHistory Sweeper will automatically clean up the history of your activities, remove intrusive devices, and save your storage spaces. By so doing, this software protects your privacy and increases your online security.

How does it protect your privacy and increase your security?

The truth is this, whenever you use your PC, traces of your activities are left on your computer. This means anyone could come in and find out what you have been doing on-line; the sites you visited, the documents you used, the programs you ran, etc. this software helps you clear your tracks.

Also when you are on the Internet, you may have downloaded intrusive devices such as cookies, bugs, and spyware. These devices may strike at any time on your PC. But History sweeper helps you get rid of such quite easily.

CLICK HERE for more info and trial download.


Footnote - Access historical documents online


footnote.jpgFootnote is an impressive resource that allows users to access millions of historical documents online.

Interested in the Civil War or maybe the Bureau of Investigation? Just look it up on Footnote and in seconds view digitized copies of the original documents including photographs, signed documents, letters, case studies and more.

Footnote has also established a partnership with the National Archives providing access to millions of historical documents for viewing online. Around 4.5 million documents have already been added to the site and apparently millions more to come.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t one to raise my hand during history class, but it’s pretty neat being able to view transcripts that George Washington wrote back in 1775 for the Continental Congress and the signature of John Hancock.

I’d imagine Footnote to be a prime attraction for genealogists, historians, public libraries, school systems and history buffs in general. Check it out for yourself!


CoffeeCup FTP - Easy use FTP program, FREE!


screen.jpgCoffeeCup Free FTP is an easy to use Drag and Drop FTP program.

This is a simple and easy to use FTP client with basic features for file uploads and downloads. It allows you to use an unlimited number of FTP accounts, resume broken downloads, and transfer binary, ASCII, or automode files. It supports multiple server profiles, it’s also capable of resuming broken uploads and downloads.

It works with any server and is so easy to setup. Just enter your username and password and click “Connect” and away you go. Theres not much to this apart from it being a simple and basic ftp program.

So if you’re in need of a free yet capable FTP program, why not check it out at the homepage here.


Democracy Player – Watch Internet Videos Like TV


1140717867-1.jpgHere is a cool open source for you. It’s called Democracy player and just like democracy, gives you freedom. The freedom this Democracy gives you is the freedom to watch Internet videos like you watch TV.

It’s really very easy; you just download and watch all the best internet TV shows and videos in one powerful application. The cool thing about this player is that new channels arrive daily in the built-in Channel Guide.

Remember those videos you use to squint at to get what was going on? With Democracy Player that is a thing of the past as you can just sit back and watch big, high resolution videos one after another. It’s so easy to use that you’ll be watching interesting videos in moments.

Want to check it out? CLICK HERE


Radmin 3.0 - Remote Control And Remote Access Tool


953878236-1.jpgLooking for a software that can let your have total control of your computer from anywhere? I think you should try this software; Radmin (Remote Administrator).

Radmin (Remote Administrator) is a remote control and remote access program which enables you to work on one or more remote computers from your own computer. It can be considered as complete remote control solution where all key features such as Remote Control, File Transfer, text and voice chats, NT security, Telnet, and Multilanguage support are included.

Known for high speed, strong security and solid reliability, this software is worth checking out. Check out the trial download first and see if it does what you need it to do [You have 30 days to confirm that].

Want to check it out? CLICK HERE


ConvertX2DVD – Convert & Burn Videos To DVD


1101509672-1.jpgIf you’ve been looking for a good and reliable software to burn your videos to DVD, you need to check this out.

ConvertXtoDVD is a software to convert and burn your videos to DVD. What I really appreciate about this software is that in just a couple of clicks you can backup your movies to DVD playable on any home DVD player easily.

You won’t have any problem converting in any popular format as it supports popular formats such as Xvid, MOV, VOB, Mpeg, Mpeg4, MP4, AVI, WMV, DV and stream formats. It simply converts your files into a compliant DVD Video set of files and burns it on a DVD media.

I’m sure you will love the fact that ConvertXtoDVD works for NTSC and PAL video formats and creates chapters automatically. Multiple audio tracks are also supported.

Want to see if it is what you need? CLICK HERE


TVU Player: A computer into a virtual TV !!!


viidoo_logo.jpgTVU Player is a free program that enables Internet users to watch streaming live Television programs around the world which which they may not normally be able to get on their real television. It promises to feature hard-to-find special-interest TV channels, international sports, lifestyle, news, and your favorite channels from around the globe as well as user-generated content.

You can switch between multiple TV channels just like on a TV. TVU Player is extremely simple to use, you just double click on the tv channel of your choice, wait for it to buffer, and start watching.

Thanks to the improvement of broadband connections, watching channels on your computer is now possible like this, some of the available channels are Fox, Fox News, NBC, ABC, Animal planet, Bloomsberg, Nasa TV, some sports channels, Comedy Central, Sci Fi, Nickelodeon, BBC News 24 and many more.

Check out Vidoo which also has a support forum and the tv channels daily program schedule and of course to download it.


HD Tune 2.53 - HDD utility


graph.jpgUnlike other programs even shareware in its category, HD Tune fulfils its purpose efficiently. HD Tune is a hard Disk utility to benchmark, show info, SMART status, temperature and check disk surface.

HD Tune is free but it works better than most shareware in its category like Hard Disk Inspector which costs much but does little HD Tune is free, small but powerful.

The new updated version, HD Tune 2.53 released towards the end of last month has these changes:

  • Added New S.M.A.R.T descriptions
  • Fixed: Resource leak could cause a crash



Plasma Pong - It’s pong, with plasma!


plasma3_small1.JPGAt first glance, you would assume this was just a flashy pong clone, but you’d be very wrong. In fact, the ball rarely even touches a paddle in this game. Instead, you propel it back and forth by using skillful bursts of colorful energy. It’s a fast-paced very colorful game that’s a blast to play once you get the hang of it.

You can control the flow of the plasma, with the left mouse button and you can gather the power with the right mouse button and release it at a critical moment. You really should experience and see it with your own eyes to fully appreciate the game. Anyway, it’s completely free, and includes an option to play with your friends.

NOTE: You may need a Pentium 4 with an average graphics card to appreciate its quality. You can download it free from here.


RoboForm - Password Manager and Web form


passwords.jpgRoboForm is a password manager and one-click web form filler that is so easy to use.. All you have to do is to enter your personal information and the program securely stores it for future reference. It is a good program and it includes no adware or spyware. Works as an add-on to Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape web browsers.

The latest updated version which was released just yesterday has these changes:

  • Make RoboForm work in Protected Mode of IE7 on
    Vista, many changes
  • Now RoboForm2Go can attach to Firefox even if Adapter is not installed
  • Introduce Passcards that can click a link/button even if there is no forms
  • Improve AutoSubmit to handle sites where JS prefills the forms such as
  • Add (Clear History) command to the ‘Search Files’ window pull-down
  • Add Export to IE Favorites and Firefox bookmarks
  • Add Import of Search Engines to SearchCards from IE and Firefox
  • Support SeaMonkey 1.1 in Adapter
  • Enterprise version of RoboForm that allows offline activation and Enterprise Policies

Etc. CLICK HERE for more info.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

IP Address Using Email Message Headers


Email messages, as in the case of their non-electronic cousins, have "envelopes" of a sort. In the case of email the envelope is composed of a series of "Headers". These are just a series of lines of characters which precede the actual email message. Email programs such as Outlook do not normally display these Headers when displaying a message. From these Headers however, the email program is able to extract important information about the message, such as the message encoding method, the creation date, the message subject, the sender and receiver, etc.

To know more,Click here


Free Internet Phone calls


Hi All, here we go. Making calls from your PC to phones(only in the US or to the US) is free.

I'm not saying that you will always have high quality audio, but your chances are better, particularly if you have a cable or DSL connection or if your dialup ISP has plenty of capacity and a good connection to the Internet itself.Initially m ost of the services only offer calls to the US but they claim to have plans to offer calls outside the US. If you live outside the US you can still use the service as long as your calls are to the US. requires a free software download and currently only works with Windows 95, 98 and does not require a software download and install. They use a Java applet but they now state that it requires Windows 95, 98 or NT and IE 4 or Netscape 4.5 or later browsers.You can find other free phone related services on the Free Fax & Phone Services page.
For more information, Click here


Sunday, February 04, 2007

HDDlife: Keeping your hard disk’s health in check


If you have ever been worried about the possibility of hard drive failure, I have two pieces of advice for you. First of all you should always backup any important or irreplaceable stuff. Secondly, you could use a hard drive “health” monitoring program such as HDDlife.

It’s a real-time hard drive monitoring utility with alerts, malfunction protection and data loss prevention functions. HDDLife uses S.M.A.R.T. technology,(most modern drives support this) and works both for single PCs and large computer networks. S.M.A.R.T. technology was developed by hard drive manufacturers to accurately predict hard drive life span and prevent hard drive malfunctions.

HDDLife displays S.M.A.R.T. attributes in real-time and alerts you if particular hard-drive attributes exceed threshold values and are at risk. You can then backup data and/or replace endangered hard drives.It also tells you the temperature of your hard drive and you can even control the noise/performance aspects of it. It loads at Windows startup, compares new attribute values with the previous values and doesn’t use much memory. The program is extremely straightforward - so no technical knowledge of PC or hard drive technology is needed at all in order to use it. It comes in paid versions and a freeware version.

All in all, its a pretty impressive little program for anyone who wants that little bit of extra peace of mind about their stored data.

You can download it and read more info at the website here!


Open the Mystery Case Files


The latest in the Mystery Case Files series, Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst. This popular graphic adventure puzzle game series adds a new adventure, and like the others it’s a free download for the 75Mb demo files, but you have to pay for the rest of the game. Very shrewd strategy, because once you play the demo through you really start to want the rest.

You see there are rumors surrounding the history of stately Ravenhearst Manor. The diary of Emma Ravenhearst holds the key to the story behind the manor, but conveniently some pages are missing… Gasp. But you are the Master Detective and it is up to you to unlock secrets of Ravenhearst, searching over 30 rooms for graphical clues.Click here for Elementary!


Scanit: Free browser security test


This is a site offering a totally free browser security test simply by visiting their webpage. They scan for 40 known browser vulnerabilities and it works on both Firefox and Internet Explorer. I didn’t test it on other browsers but it may work for them too.

Each vulnerability is detailed out with a description of the risk, the technical details associated with the vulnerability and recommendations for how to deal with or patch the flaw as well as some links to additional information that you may find useful.

Go test your browser now and get more secure if you need to! It only takes a couple of minutes and its free.


WebSite-Watcher - Save Time, Stay Informed!


If you’ve got a lot of sites to keep tabs on and you want to do it the easy way, this software is for you.

WebSite-Watcher checks an unlimited number of web-sites for updates and changes within a minimum amount of time. Website-Watcher allows you to monitor websites for updates and changes. With this cool software you don’t have to waste your time checking pages manually in your browser, it really offers an easy way out.

When changes are detected WebSite-Watcher highlights all the changes in a page, so you see what you’re looking for in seconds.

The latest version, WebSite-Watcher 4.30 Beta 10, which has just been released has these changes:

  • “IE Macro” technology improved - Thread
  • AutoWatch could be deactivated unexpectedly under tricky circumstances - Thread
  • Some compatibility problems fixed (WSW couldn’t be started on certain systems)

CLICK HERE for more info and free trial download.


CheckMail - a powerful POP3 email checking program


Here is a really powerful POP3 email checking program for you.

CheckMail is a powerful POP3 email checking program; it notifies you when you have received new email. With CheckMail you can check all your email accounts for new messages and preview or delete them before downloading to your computer.

One thing I like about CheckMail is that it saves precious time and disk space by allowing you to delete unwanted or large emails directly from the server without downloading them. With CheckMail you are safe as it secure and protected against viruses and other harmful email content.

The latest updated version,CheckMail 3.1.4 has these latest changes:

  • New: transparency selection
  • Fix: Vista compatible icons

Want to check it out? CLICK HERE!


JAlbum for Windows - free web album software


In need of a freeware web album maker? Check this out!

JAlbum makes web albums of your digital images. The really cool thing about what JAlbum does is that no extra software is needed to view the albums, just your web browser. Unlike “server side” album scripts, the albums can be served from a plain web server without scripting support. But that’s not all you can also share your albums on CD-ROM.

You’ll love the fact that you get to choose the look of the album: color themes, layouts, picture and thumbnail sizes, music, navigation and much more. You even get to tell it in your language by creating albums with text and comments in any language [JAlbum itself speaks 30 languages]

CLICK HERE for more info and free download.


Advanced Email Extractor


If you’ve been looking for an easy to use software to extract email addresses from web sites, today is your day. Here is something that should do the trick. It’s called Advanced Email Extractor Pro. Advanced Email Extractor (AEE) is designed to extract e-mail addresses from web-pages on the Internet (using HTTP and HTTPS protocols) and from HTML and text files on local disks.

You will appreciate the fact that it supports operation through a proxy-server and works very fast.Yeah it is! It is actually able to load several pages simultaneously, and requires very few resources. It is possible to launch it in fully automatic mode through the command prompt.

One of the features that I really like is the fact that it makes it easy for you to extract only the addresses you actually need from web-pages, instead of extracting all the addresses present there.

The only thing you might have an issue with is the price but then there are 3 different editions [Standard, Pro, Premium] with different prices, maybe you can find one you can afford.

CLICK HERE for more info.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Installing Lotus Notes 6.5.5 for Windows


The Lotus Notes 6.5 Client for Windows allows you to take advantage of all the features included in your American University E-mail account. You can download the Lotus Notes client from under the Technology section. You must be logged in to see the DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE link under the Personalized Technology Links. This download is very large (97MB), so you may want to download it while on campus and then burn it to a CD if you need to install it on a computer that does not have a high speed connection to the Internet. Click here