Thursday, February 08, 2007

Free Internet Phone calls


Hi All, here we go. Making calls from your PC to phones(only in the US or to the US) is free.

I'm not saying that you will always have high quality audio, but your chances are better, particularly if you have a cable or DSL connection or if your dialup ISP has plenty of capacity and a good connection to the Internet itself.Initially m ost of the services only offer calls to the US but they claim to have plans to offer calls outside the US. If you live outside the US you can still use the service as long as your calls are to the US. requires a free software download and currently only works with Windows 95, 98 and does not require a software download and install. They use a Java applet but they now state that it requires Windows 95, 98 or NT and IE 4 or Netscape 4.5 or later browsers.You can find other free phone related services on the Free Fax & Phone Services page.
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