Wednesday, February 28, 2007


is a nifty tool for Windows 95/98/Me, NT/2000/XP. It lets you save
Taskbar space for minimized windows by creating a small icon, for each
application you apply to it, in the System Tray (The System Tray is the
area is located near the Windows Clock).

All you need to do is start trayit1.exe, which becomes an invisible
process on your machine, and then press and hold the Ctrl button on
your keyboard whenever you minimize an application window. Instead of
minimizing the application to your Taskbar, showing a rectangle with
the application’s icon and title bar description, you’ll just see the
application’s icon in the System Tray. You can then maximize the window
by clicking the icon.

TrayIt’s Web site says: “this is particularly useful for background
tasks you typically keep running on your PC all day long like your
favorite E-mail client, Real Player, etc..” But, for myself anyway, I
have a more important use for this tool: What I do is load Trayit! onto
my USB drive that I take everywhere with me for use as an external hard
drive. I plug this USB drive into computers that aren’t mine, such as
my sister’s family room computer whenever I’m over at her place. Then I
launch Trayit! from my USB drive which runs invisibly on her computer
until the computer is reboot. Every time I run an application that I
don’t want closed by another family member using the computer when I’m
away, I minimize it with Trayit! before I leave. Now my young nieces
won’t close any windows I have open that are perhaps performing a long
download, system scan, or whatever, while I’m away. Very handy.

One issue I’ve come across is that some applications, such as mIRC,
already implement a special feature when you hold the Ctrl key while
minimizing the window (doing so in mIRC allows you to set a temporary
password). This shouldn’t be a problem, as Trayit! should still
minimize the application properly after your particular application
runs it’s special feature.


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