Sunday, February 11, 2007

Footnote - Access historical documents online


footnote.jpgFootnote is an impressive resource that allows users to access millions of historical documents online.

Interested in the Civil War or maybe the Bureau of Investigation? Just look it up on Footnote and in seconds view digitized copies of the original documents including photographs, signed documents, letters, case studies and more.

Footnote has also established a partnership with the National Archives providing access to millions of historical documents for viewing online. Around 4.5 million documents have already been added to the site and apparently millions more to come.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t one to raise my hand during history class, but it’s pretty neat being able to view transcripts that George Washington wrote back in 1775 for the Continental Congress and the signature of John Hancock.

I’d imagine Footnote to be a prime attraction for genealogists, historians, public libraries, school systems and history buffs in general. Check it out for yourself!


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