Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How to Create Your Own Website

you are seeking to create a blog or website without any web designing
skill, I know something that will make it easy for you; TOWeb.

TOWeb is a software that is very useful for people and organizations
wishing to create a blog or a Web site without any Web designing
skills. It’s really very useful to use; just enter your texts, add your
pictures, and create your graphical theme using the random theme
generator features.

Using TOWeb you can add any kind of Web page to your website; you
can also enhance your pictures with frames and effects. What you will
appreciate about this software is that it lets you protect any
sensitive content with passwords, emails are automatically protected
from spam, and click a single button to publish your Web site to your
Web space using the provided list of hosts.

The latest version, TOWeb 1.71 has these changes:

  • Bug fix : catalog item names were not displayed in the index pages when the item paragraphs are indented
  • Improvement: the target of a link in a paragraph can now be
    specified. Default is the automatic mode but you may choose to open a
    link in the same web page or in a new web browser window
  • Bug fix : the topic group presentation with just an image was also displaying the title and the “More…” link
  • Bug fix : the option “Do not truncate texts and do not show the
    ‘More…’ links” located in the “Advanced topic settings” was not working
    for topic groups
  • Correction : links to catalog item pages inside the shopping cart
    may have been pointing to wrong items especially on catalogs containing
    more than 10 items

Want to check it out! CLICK HERE! Or go to


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