Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Google video download


Many of us are really eager to download the movies/clips that we see in the Google videos.

Atlast.....we got some solution to download the clips from the google videos.

A lot of Web sites are providing scripts to download the videos. But, most of us do not go with that and we need some easier ways to get the videos.

Let me not keep you reading.....take a quick look at the below things and start downloading the clips.

Copy the link of the video you like to download and paste it in the text box that is provided in the below link and click on "Download Video".

This will start getting the exact link from the google and provide us the direct link to download the video in ".avi" format. After clicking on the download video button it takes some time to get the exact link and it provides the link, which needs to be viewed by scrolling the page.

Here is the link:

Sometimes, if the video file is located in different server or if there is heavy traffic, we might not get the link to download the video file.

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