Thursday, December 28, 2006



I was a CSR(Customer Support representative) few years back. I had a lot of funny events that happened when i was on call and when i was supporting one of the leading Desktop and Laptop products company. Have been struggling with people, to make them understand very simple things. Few months down the lane, i was promoted as senior support engineer. Where i handled a small team of support engineers. I had a guy in my team, who was trying to explain the customer about restarting the computer. He tried many ways to point out the reset button, which is at the front of the big box near to the monitor(that is how, we call the cpu. So that customers understand). In the process of explaining it to the customer, accidently our support guy restarted his own CPU.

There are few other funny things that has happened when providing support. Here are few simliar things that are listed in this site.

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