Monday, November 06, 2006

Child Labour

Can this be stopped... Look, how even the law cannot stop this painful thing.

At the age of 12(Lets consider this to be a minimum age) a guy starts working for a family. (Even in our canteen, we have small guy who is working for food)This is really very sad.
While blogging about this, I would like to share a real life event that happend. It was 3 years back, when i was staying in a mansion at Triplicane. Near to the mansion there was a Andhra mess, where 3 small kids where working. Their age would be:
1. 10
2. 12 and 15.
The youngest among them was just 10yrs old. These guys will not have proper sleep bcose they have to work the whole day. One among the elder guy, used to carry food to our room and will narrate us the whole sad story that happens in the Mess(All those inhuman activities, like providing limited food and not allowing them to sleep, not providing proper dress) The sad part is, they willnot be allowed to sleep beyond 4-5hrs, as they have to clean the vessels and then get things ready for the next day. This young kid(age 10) will fall asleep, before he cleans the table. He will get a bang from the owner, for sleeping. He would start crying, we ppl would fight with the owner and ask him not to hit him. One fine day, an govt official came to the hotel and threatened the mess owner that he is going to take action as he has employed young kids. The owner took him inside the room gave some money and food to the officer and brought things back to normal.
A week later the elder guy, came to my room and wept. He told that the owner has cheated his parents and brought him here. As their parents where depending on him for money he had to come here for work. ( with a salary of 900RS per month, for which they would sleep 4-5hrs a day. We should thank god, as we are blessed for not being in that kind of position). We helped that guy to escape from that mess and guided him to his native by boarding him on a train to Andhra.

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