Saturday, March 15, 2008

Software Testing Information

Hi All,
I would like to share a cool site which would provide more information about software testing. This has a clear picture about the basics of software testing. Also, i would suggest the newbies who are looking for this field to learn the manual part of the testing. This would be really very interesting and the concepts are really easy to learn and easy to remember. To know more about the basics of software testing from this superb web site. The site really stands for its name, the URL is given below:



Monalika82 said...

Thanks for the link, it is helping me to get start with the software testing, i hope it gonna help me to get better in my work. I never used testing for the development i did. If you can give some link with few examples it gonna be more help!! Thanks!!

Dexter said...

Hi Monalika,
Sorry for the delay in responding, i will update you and i am keep on posting about testing. So do keep in touch.I was on travel to abroad. So i didnot reply

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