Wednesday, January 17, 2007

FreeCommander: Windows file manager?


FreeCommander is an alternative to the standard windows file manager. It comes with a dual pane interface and has lots of great features and tools. This interface can be altered in numerous ways allowing you to fully customize how FreeCommander will look and work to optimize your ability to work freely with it. It also comes with a compression utility which will open up .zip, .rar and .cab files as well as the ability to create .zip and .cab files too. Their ‘Pack’ and ‘Unpack’ utility has many settings and is very easy to use.

This program also has more features such as Copy, move, delete, rename files and folders, Wipe files, Create and verify MD5 checksums, File splitting, File properties and context menu, Calculation of folder size, Folder comparison / synchronization Modification of file date and attributes Folder / program favorites File searching (inside archives too) and more.

Check it out here and its freeware.


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