Tuesday, January 02, 2007

If you want a good RSS reader, here’s GreatNews


There’s a lot of RSS reader programs around. Here’s one that caught my attention. It’s called GreatNews and has an impressive array of features. GreatNews is optimized for the fast and efficient reading of all your favorite web feeds. You can choose from various different view styles, including a newspaper view, that one allows you to read a group of feeds arranged in newspaper-style page layout without the hassle of having to click through individual feed items.

It also supports custom labels, email and blog integration as well as custom keyword alerts (news watches) so you can automatically find articles of interest to you and have them available in a special category. Other features include import/export feeds from/to OPML and XML files, the automatic cleanup of old items, browser integration with popup blocking and more.

GreatNews is a small, fast and very efficient RSS reader - it doesn’t require any installation either, so just unzip and run.

This is one good RSS reader worth grabbing while it’s still freeware and you can do that right here.

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