Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Clean Slate – An Administrator’s Best Friend


This is a really cool tool for administrators; Clean Slate. Protecting computers especially public access ones from inexperienced and malicious users can be a tough task but this nice software, Clean Slate takes the pain off the job.

Clean Slate is designed to protect public access computers from malicious or inexperienced users. The beautiful thing is that it does this while not restricting users’ activities, it will scour drives back to their original state upon reboot. The fact that it takes only minutes to install and needs no attention, ever, for most installations makes it an administrator’s best friend.

The real feature that makes this a must have is that no matter what the users have done it restores the computer to its original configuration. When I say “no matter what”, I actually mean “no matter what”, including erasing files, installing software, downloading viruses and Trojan horses, and altering icons. “Ain’t this a beauty?”

Go check it out: CLICK HERE!


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