Thursday, January 04, 2007

OnCourt 5.1 - A Tennis Fan’s Delight


If you are a tennis fan you are going to love this game. OnCourt is a program for tennis fans. The beautiful thing about this program is that it gives you access to statistical information about any tennis player, tennis tournament, and a history of matches of any two players. I love the fact that it contains databases of both men and women tennis and they can be updated daily via Internet.

If you are still not sure this program will meet your “tennis love needs”, check out the functions. The main functions are:

  • Obtaining statistical data on any tennis player, the history of his games on courts with various surfaces, at the tournaments of various levels, his current position in the ranking list, the win and loss percentage in tie-breakers, finals, semi-finals, three and five-set matches, the players specialization, his ascendant and current biorhythms and lots of other information
  • Obtaining information on the results of any tennis tournament either as a table or as a tournament draw
  • The possibility of exporting the data into Microsoft Excel keeping the original colors which allows the data to be saved in a file, converted into some other format or printed out or be e-mailed
  • Daily on-line database updates make sure that you are always well informed with the results of the latest matches played and the important data for the analysis of the forthcoming matches.


Want to try it out? CLICK HERE!

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