Monday, January 08, 2007

DynAdvance Notifier - keep track of your email easily


CMS stands for content management system, a popular way to run a website. By setting up and using a CMS system as your website you can easily run a pretty interactive site. It allows you to have forums, download areas, news, reviews, and much more if you add block and modules.

This site i’m reviewing allows you to test out many different kinds of CMS software without having to go the long way of installing them on your webspace and trying them out. It has them all installed already and has a username and password for each demo so you can mess around and experiment with them all you want!

It resets every 2 hours, more than enough time for you to know if a particular CMS is suitable for you or not. You can do all this right over at the website right here!

A very useful site for anyone into this kind of thing and of course, being Open Source, they are all free! Just be prepared to have a lot of free time if you decide to use one, because setting them up just how you want them can take some time!


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