Sunday, September 21, 2008

Google's Dream Phone Out

           Folks, the lab is happy to share information about the other big gaint GOOGLE Phones. If you ever feared the Google phone (also known as HTC Dream, HTC G1 and so on) doesn't exist, fear no more: the Android-powered weird-shaped device has recently appeared in a mini-set of live images, caressed by sun and a pair of mysterious hands.

So, following Rene Descartes' “I think, therefore I am” reasoning, the G-phone can easily say “I appear in photos, therefore I am”. Makes sense, right? Its existence, I mean. And it makes even more sense knowing that, just a few days ago, the Android handset was (sort of) confirmed to be hitting T-Mobile USA, presumably on September 23. Also presumably, the handset will be sold for as little as 199 bucks, together with a contract agreement for two years (just like AT&T is selling Apple's 8GB iPhone). To know more and for the photos of the phone, Click here...


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