Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cisco buys open source messaging firm Jabber

           Folks, Hopefully many of the coraporate folks know what JABBER is? It is chat tool, that the people use in IT for having chat within your LAB and may be your network for safe chat. Now, the news is CISCO is buying Jabber, the lead commercial vendor behind the popular open source XMPP (aka Jabber) protocol. Jabber is used by millions worldwide and XMPP is the basis of Google's Chat as well.A Financial terms of the deal have not yet been publicly disclosed.

    "Enterprise organizations want an extensible presence and messaging platform that can integrate with business process applications and easily adapt to their changing needs," said Doug Dennerline, Cisco senior vice president, Collaboration Software Group in a statement. "With the acquisition of Jabber, we will be able to extend the reach of our current instant messaging service and expand the capabilities of our collaboration platform. Our intention is to be the interoperability benchmark in the collaboration space." .To know more, Click here...


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