Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Smoke and Sanity Test

I would like to talk about test types,

There are two type of test types, Smoke and Sanity. What they are exactly? Here we go.....

The general definition (related to Hardware) of Smoke Testing is:
Smoke testing is a safe harmless procedure of blowing smoke into parts of the sewer and drain lines to detect sources of unwanted leaks and sources of sewer odors.

It it is related to s/w, the definition is
Smoke testing is non-exhaustive software testing, ascertaining that the most crucial functions of a program work, but not bothering with finer details.

Sanity testing is a cursory testing; it is performed whenever a cursory testing is sufficient to prove the application is functioning according to specifications. This level of testing is a subset of regression testing. It normally includes a set of core tests of basic GUI functionality to demonstrate connectivity to the database, application servers, printers, etc.


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