Thursday, August 07, 2008


This is another cool site, similar to the previous one but this will help you to remember your memories for a longer period. This would also be useful for the friend of mine as i have talked about him in the previous blog, now i would like to give away his name here -- SUDHAKAR--
He is good in photography and has interest over taking pictures and videos. So this site will be handy to him and you folks as well, after taking pictures you can move them here to this site. They will make a DVD adding effort to it. They will make them as a small movie for you and fedex them to you back. Is this really not cool, please do call this guys if needed 800-845-7986... You can learn more about this from the link here... register to know more...



Chad said... is a cool site that offers online video and photo storage as well as an easy to use editor. You can add video into the editor from multiple sources including various video files, film and video tapes, photos, and direct recordings from your camcorder. They produce high quality DVDs too. Check them out at

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