Sunday, January 13, 2008

Panasonic IPTV takes Web link to next level

I am proud to share this information about the IPTV that is about to be launched shortly. Panasonic has now come up with a plasma TV, that would have this feature of IPTV. Panasonic is getting attention at the Consumer Electronics Show for its big, thin and wireless TVs. It's showing the world's largest plasma — a 150-incher — alongside dazzling, inch-thick, 50-inch diagonal models coming in late 2009. It's also highlighting a wireless system that beams full 1080p content from a Blu-ray player to a high-definition screen. But I think its sleeper announcement here is a line of Viera-brand Internet protocol televisions that it plans to start selling this spring. To know more about this, Click here...


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