Saturday, November 03, 2007

Shane Warne Cricket

Shane Warne Cricket is very similar to Brian Lara Cricket on the sega
mega drive. Those of you who have played it will enjoy this greatly as
it is basically an updated version of an old classic.

The game is armed with both national and county squads allowing the
player freedom to be whomever they like. The game also boasts certain
new features such as computer generated totals to allow solely batting
and also the new "six" hit button which allows the player to slog out
to their hearts content.To download click here...


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Pradeep Ramakrishnan said...

HI This is Pradeep here. I did download the game, but it gets stuck up on the toss. can u help? The same file is available in another place and it says cd-rip version. does that mean that one has to write it on a cd to make it work. Hve been searching this game for quite some time and fiinally got a comment on ur blog. I think this the the best pre- 3d game ever. If possible, can u send it to me at


Pradeep R

Dexter said...

Even i tried now and it did not work for me. I have made a comment there. Waiting for update, i will update you on it.

Dexter Laboratory

Pradeep Ramakrishnan said...