Friday, July 13, 2007

Will Harry Potter die or Survive ?

I think, he is not dead. He will survive till end, that is the fate of a true hero in cinemas and real life. I found some interesting facts about this from a stats, Please find it here:

JK Rowling's star wizard will die by the end of her Harry Potter
book series, according to a 53% majority of over 15,000 votes cast in
HPANA's informal poll. Most fans indicated Harry would sacrifice
himself to save loved ones before the end of book seven.

We asked, "Will Harry Potter survive the series and become an adult?"

Here's the rundown as of this story (voting is still open):

41%: No, he'll sacrifice himself to save his loved ones.

29%: Yes, they all live happily ever after.

12%: Yes (for some other reason).

9%: No. If he's not killed, Jo will be hounded to write more.

5%: Yes, though it'll be at St. Mungo's.

2%: No (for some other reason).

The author has playfully hinted -- more than once -- at her leading
character's unsure future (at least as far as fans are concerned;
Rowling herself knows exactly how the series will end, having already
written the final chapter).

We can only wonder if Jo voted in the poll, sometime between taking
care of her newborn daughter and sealing up plans for the release of
her highly anticipated sixth novel, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This content is from the link

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