Friday, July 13, 2007

Dexter the boy genius(LAB STORY):

Dexter, boy genius! The Dexter's Laboratory cartoon series, developed by Genndy Tartakovsky, presents us with the adventures of a technical wizard, a master of invention, the king of science and the supreme ruler of inventions - Dexter, boy genius! Dexter may look like a regular boy, but he is in fact a brilliant scientist. Dexter's laboratory is situated underneath the parental home, hidden from view. Dexter's Lab is his heaven, a place where he can work on his next big invention far away from the curious eyes of society. Well, that is until his pink colored dancing and singing sister comes in. Dee Dee is Dexter's greatest nemesis and ins spite of the technical advancements that stand on Dexter's side, Dee Dee always manages to infiltrate the lab and bring chaos to the perfect world of science.

MOLDY: SCIENTIFIC DEXTERS. Dexter Riley (Kurt Russell) of the Disney movies was an average student who performed miracles in the lab. Riley was a precursor to Dexter the boy genius who had a secret laboratory, annoying sister and cool animated series.

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