Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Desktop Sidebar - Who needs Vista!

If you were interested in my recent review of klipfolio,
you’ll really like this one! It’s similar in function. In fact it’s
very similar to the sidebar that Windows Vista comes with, but for the
rest of us XP users who don’t plan on upgrading anytime soon (better
the devil you know, right?) there’s Desktop Sidebar.

You can customize it pretty much anyway you want, you can have an
analogue clock, RSS feeds, Slideshow, Email checkers, resource meters,
media controller, weather etc. all available at the Desktop Sidebar
website. There’s a plentiful supply of skins to choose from there too.

I like this one a lot and i think it’s gonna be a keeper for me. But go check it out for yourself!

You can check out more info here and download it for free.


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