Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A 3D Earth screensaver that won’t cost you the world!

If you’ve been looking for a good, freeware, rotating Earth
screensaver, you’ve come to the right blog entry! “Cities of Earth Free
3D Screensaver” highlights various cities as it rotates, and it shows
various info such as population, etc. in a scrolling column to the

You can even add your own city if you want. It’s pretty smooth
looking and doesn’t have any crazy nag screens or anything. You can
control the speed and rotation with the cursor keys and zoom in or out
with your mousewheel, although this doesn’t increase detail, but hey
its free and it looks pretty cool! It also claims to use low CPU, so it
wont slow down your computer and it contains no adware or spyware,
unlike a lot of “free screensavers” these days.

It may not make your world spin round, but it’ll make your idle computer look cooler! Sound good to you? You can grab it over here.


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