Monday, May 21, 2007

Miranda IM – Small, Faster, Easier Instant Messenger Client


If you are a Windows User and you have been searching for a multi protocol IM client that is easy to install and very efficient, then you need search no further, Miranda IM is up to the task.

Miranda IM is a multi protocol instant messenger client for Windows. Designed to be resource efficient and very easy to use, this cool tool uses very little memory, requires no installation and can easily be carried around on a retrievable media like flash drives or floppy discs.

According to the publisher: “The goal of this project is not to duplicate the functionality of AOL’s ICQ Client, but to design a client that has the basic features that is designed for mouse-less operation with a small memory requirement.”

If you ask me, I’ll say the program does just that. This is not one of those software that are “all hype and no help”, it’s really cool and very efficient. Scour the internet and check out all top review sites, everyone agrees that this software is really something great.

Go to to check it out. It’s open source, that means it’s free to use and even modify.


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