Wednesday, August 04, 2010

File Engine


Hi folks,
              After a long time, i have come across a great product. Which is really a wish come true for small office network who are having a vision of making it big. This is more to say likely to be called as a competitor to bigger server giants but i would say or call it a SEVERE THREAT to those money makers. I started getting more information when i got a over view about this product. This is even got a remarkable name called File Engine, the server is affordable to all (by which i mean all, even if you have small office with 2 computers who needs a backup server). This is not like CLOUD where you dont know where your server is but FILE ENGINE would provide you the machine and even there is disaster of data lose they assure you that they will be there to get them back for you. Yes, ofcourse they do it and they have 100's of customers who are already using this product and are happy.... If you want to know about this product, click here FILE ENGINE
or just google it File Engine or filesafe server...

I personally think this is going to be trend setter...



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