Thursday, June 25, 2009

AVG LinkScanner real time

I have found this scanner a wonderful tool and i wish you folks would try it out. As it is free and the good news is it will not impact your current anti virus that is installed in your computer.Today's web threats don't just attack your computer, they get into major, everyday websites and then jump onto your PC to go after your identity, money, and digital valuables.
AVG Technologies today announced the release of AVG LinkScanner, a browser plug-in designed to keep users from accidentally visiting sites hosting malicious code and other dangerous sites. In addition to scanning web pages while you surf, AVG LinkScanner evaluates search results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. For each link it adds an icon indicating whether or not the link is dangerous.LinkScanner looks similar to SiteAdvisor and Web of Trust.
LinkScanner download
How it works


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