Thursday, March 26, 2009

Burnout Paradise(1 link)+Crack

        Burnout Paradise (formerly known as Burnout 5) by Criterion Games is the seventh game in the Burnout video game series. It was released in January 2008[2] for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and on February 5, 2009 on Microsoft Windows. It was also released on the PlayStation Store in September 2008.[4] It has an open world set in the fictional Paradise City, with few loading times and few traditional online lobbies or game menus. The song "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses is the game's title music and also featured on the in-game soundtrack.


1. Download the file below

2. Once your done, open it and run Setup

3. Click Install

4. Click on Next, not Install Trial
5.Enter the registration code and click "Next".

6.Once you have finished installing, open the "burnoutparadise crack fix" file you have downloaded.
"BurnoutParadise" is the crack. "burnoutparadise1001" is the patch.
The crack is also below

7.Go to the directory where you install the game. It should be in Programs Files in Electronic Arts folder.
There's a BurnoutParadise file which you will have to replace with the crack, the file you downloaded in Step 5).
Remember the crack is 42MB while the one you need to replace is 17MB.

8. Overwrite the Crack and replace burnoutparadise and you are now ready to play the game! Double click the "BurnoutParadise" to start the game.



L22A-LRVB-UHJ2-NUHF-8RLD <br />25MV-5S9Y-TSDD-LTSL-HRLD</pre> </div><font size="5"><b>Password</b></font><br /><div style="margin: 5px 20px 20px;"> 	<div class="smallfont" style="margin-bottom: 2px;">Code:</div> 	<pre class="alt2" dir="ltr" style="border: 1px inset ; margin: 0px; padding: 6px; overflow: auto; width: 640px; height: 34px; text-align: left;"><font color="red">jackalpunk</font>

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