Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why to have Programming Statements in Tests in QTP?

We add steps, which contain programming logic to the recorded
framework just to increase the power and flexibility of the testing

Programming statements usually contain:

1) Recordable test object methods: These are operations that a user can perform on an application.

2) Non-recordable test object methods: These are operations that
users cannot perform on an application. We use these methods to
retrieve or set information, or to perform operations triggered by an

3) Run-time methods of the object being tested.

4) Various VBScript programming commands that affect the way the
test runs, such as conditions and loops. These are often used to
control the logical flow of a test.

5) Supplemental statements, such as comments, to make our test
easier to read, and messages that appear in the test results, to alert
us to a specified condition.


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