Thursday, October 18, 2007

Myspace confirms developer platform

Myspace moves closer to Facebook style

Excerpt from Read/WriteWeb
MySpace confirmed they will launch a developer platform in the "near term". DeWolfe and Murdoch cited the "original openness and personalization of the MySpace community" as being integral to MySpace's success to date. They also noted that MySpace helped develop the widget eco-system. During the discussion, DeWolfe seemed a little cagey about the concept of openness, but (under pressure from the mighty Marc Canter's questioning) admitted that it is "largely a good thing for users." In the end DeWolfe caved to Canter's persistent questions and said that yes they'll open up! But of course it remains to be seen whether they will, truly.

Amazing how opening up for developers spawns success. This is something that all web service creators need to take a look at. It has worked wonderfully for Facebook and I'm sure that it won't hurt Myspace. Unless Myspace finds it necessary to severely limit users ability to customize their profiles (Facebook blue's) If Myspace follows Facebook in this limitation, then they might as well close down.


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