Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Microsoft Demoted To Developing Widgets For Bebo

I have a good update about BEBO users, they can now chat with their members from BEBO. You can find the explanation from the Journal:
Bebo members will be able to click a link to start an IM session with
any other Bebo member, even if neither has a Windows Live ID, the
sign-on used for Hotmail and other Microsoft services. They'll also be
able to exchange messages with Bebo friends who aren't logged on, but
who are using Microsoft's regular Windows Live Messenger program.
However, Bebo users will not be able to send instant messages to
Windows Live Messenger users who don't have Bebo accounts, and Windows
Live Messenger users won't be able to see if their buddies are logged
on to Bebo.

To know more about the same, refer here...


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