Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Test Cover

Hi All,
I happened to read some useful information for the students who have interest over software testing. They can register here and start getting feedback from the site, they have free trial for the same. You can register it from the link given below:

They would help in following areas,
• reducing the number of test cases, and

• improving the test cases' ability to find defects.


Testing methods

Folks, this time i have wikipedia to our help. I found this to be useful, it is all about Software testing methods are traditionally divided into black box testing and white box testing. These two approaches are used to describe the point of view that a test engineer takes when designing test cases. To know more about this, please have look over from the link given here....


I have reached safely...


Hi Lab Folks, I have reached safely here....Please find some photos of me here in cold

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dexter Flying Abroad

Hi Lab Folks,
I have an update for you all, this is an important news to share with you all. Dexter(GaneshKB) will be in US for the next one year or so, I will be back only by April next year. Until then i will blog from there.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

I have another cool site with answers for my previous questions and also few more interview questions with answers for the same,Please click here for the cool site:


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dexter Mysql tunning

@start "MySQL" /B "%DB_HOME%\bin\mysqld-nt" --standalone --lower-case-table-names=1 --basedir="%DB_HOME%" --port=%DB_PORT% --datadir="%DB_HOME%\data" --default-character-set=utf8 --set-variable=query_cache_type=2 --read_buffer_size=128K --read_rnd_buffer_size=2M --sort_buffer_size=4M --myisam_sort_buffer_size=2M --tmp_table_size=32M --max_heap_table_size=32M --key_buffer_size=8M --innodb_buffer_pool_size=128M --bulk_insert_buffer_size=8M --table_cache=256 --thread_cache=32  --innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit=0 --low-priority-updates --log-slow-queries --long_query_time=5


--query_cache_type : defines whether to cache query results

                             0 - no caching

                             1 - always

                             2 - on demand


--read_buffer_size : each user thread use data blocks of this size for read operation.

                            size = 128K - 1M

                            can be increased to a higher value but testing required,

                            increasing might not always gives a positive impact


--read_rnd_buffer_size : used by user thread to read data after a sort operation

                                size = 2M - 10M


--sort_buffer_size : each thread that needs to sort, allocates a buffer of this size

                         size = 4M - 16M


--myisam_sort_buffer_size : buffer size allocated for sorting MyISAM indexes

                                     We use InnoDB


--tmp_table_size : Maximum size of a temporary table created.

                        Temporary tables needs to be created during sorting if data set is huge and no indexes can be used

                        size = 8M - 64M


--max_heap_table_size : Maximum size of an in-memory table. Generally equal to tmp_table_size


--key_buffer_size : Buffer size for storing MyISAM indexes


--innodb_buffer_pool_size : Buffer size for storing InnoDB indexes

                                    size = 128M - 50% to 75% of RAM


--bulk_insert_buffer_size : Buffer used during bulk insert

                                   will be useful during backup and restore

                                   size = 8M - 16M


--table_cache : Opening tables takes time and resources. All indexes realted to the table has to be loaded into the memory. This varibles sets the number of tables to be kept open for further use. Same table opened by two user threads requires two handles.

                    count = 256 - 2048


--thread_cache : Creation of thread takes time. No of threads to be pooled for further use.

                       count = 16 - 64


--innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit : determines how redo log buffers are written to the log file

                                               0 - every second

                                               1 - default, on each commit and flush to disk

                                               2 - on each commit, no flush to disk


--low-priority-updates : updates have lower priority then read. so an update is blocked until there is a select statement for that table


--log-slow-queries --long_query_time=5 : This is analysis only. This will log all queries which take time more then the given seconds (second parameter)