Wednesday, January 17, 2007

USB Backup: Synch/Backup to external drive


Daily USB Backup is a little program to help you backup your important info or synchronise it with an external drive. It has a file and folder filter so it only backups what you want backed up and it can Monitor the source files automatically and synchronize only the files new or changed. It can also encrypt zipped backup files for added security.

It has USB drive binding support, which means it can be set to recognize only your drive, that way it won’t just start backing up to just any drive that gets connected. The program will monitor the change of system disk letter and recognize the new letter of USB driver. It can recognize the bound disk with several USB disks connected. Which will help the program synchronize files with the right USB driver. If your USB drive isn’t connected, the program will remind you to connect it at the scheduled time. After the alert, it will automatic perform the task in the next 10 minutes.

This is a pretty cool idea for anyone who has say, a laptop that they want to keep synchronized or backed up on an external drive.

You can get more info and download the demo here.


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